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May 26, 2010 06:24 AM

How to buy Paulo Laureano wine from Portugal?

I was in Portugal from 30 Apr - 3 May and went to an awesome restaurant "Lisboa a Noite" in the old city district. The food was amazing but even more amazing was the wine I had there. It was Paulo Laureano 2005 reserve.

I have written to them to find out if I could buy a case of the wine but they have not replied. The Paulo Laureano website appears to be under construction and is not complete as yet.

Does anyone know how I could get a case of this wine to be sent across to London?

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    1. Monchique is correct in that finding a UK source will ultimately be cheaper for you because of the shipping and handling, however if you are not successful, you could always order from Garrafeira Nacional in Lisbon who ships globally.

      Another option would be to find out if there is a UK importer of Laureano's wines and contact that firm directly to see where you can purchase.

      I've had some of their wines, particularly the Alentejo DOC, and also found it to be fantastic.

      You can also try calling or emailing the winery at this address:

      Boa Sorte!

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        From experience, I would not rely too much on Paulo Laureano answering either mail or e-mail...
        Look also at for shippers from Portugal.

        1. re: monchique

          vinhotino and monchique - thank you so much for your suggestions!!!

          I will certainly look at the UK wine importers you have suggested. I wrote to the Paulo Laureano winery but have not yet received a reply and it has been over a month! If i do manage to get my hands on a case, I would consider myself very lucky indeed :)