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May 26, 2010 12:43 AM

As a cook, what do you love or hate about your kitchen?

I'm planning a new kitchen. I have lots of room and although I am delighted, I am paralysed by choice. Nice dilemma, huh?

So as someone who cooks, what feature do you most value in your kitchen or wish you had?
So far I have decided
NO corner cupboards, I hate them
YES big pantry
YES open shelves

And does anyone cook on an induction stove? How do you find it?


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  1. I live in the North East of the US and my deepest fantasy would be a kitchen fireplace.

    1. Pull out shelves in cabinets (or drawers) wherever you can, as many as possible. Much more space effecient and so easy to find things. I put them in nearly every cabinet.

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      1. re: DGresh

        oh yes, that sounds really good. I was planning to have lots of shallow open shelves but a pull out would be good in some places.

        What is on the back of your pull out shelves? Are they pretty much like drawers with no fronts?

        1. re: hillsbilly

          each shelf has "walls" which are about three inches high, all the way around (four sides).That way nothing falls off when you pull it. They pull out all the way, so you can really see what's in there. I have about a five foot tall pantry with five such shelves, and each "regular" bottom cabinet has two such shelves.

          1. re: DGresh

            I have two of those and adore them. And not only can you see what's there, you can lift those things out without having to pull out what's in front of it.

            A friend of mine had a small shelf in her pantry with an outlet nearby. She kept her toaster in there. I always liked that idea.

          2. re: hillsbilly

            Don't put regular static shelves on any lower cabinets. Drawers or pull out shelves only. You will not regret it.

            Also consider a dish drawer near the dishwasher instead of putting your everyday dishes in upper cabinets. I love having mine that way.

          3. re: DGresh

            Instead of pull-out cabinets, our cabinetmaker made drawers for me. I love them! Heavy-duty bottom-mounted hardware provides 200 lbs+ capacity per drawer and I can open them with a single finger (instead of opening a cabinet then pulling out the sliding shelf). Dishes of all sorts are stored in there. I also lovelovelove the European pull-out pantry that makes best use of a 15" wide space. Everything is instantly visible. Other pantry shelves are one can deep, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling in an under-used space and I can see at a glance what I have.

            A potfill over the cooktop has been a boon! I had no idea how often I used water when cooking. I also love the shelf we installed over the cooktop - very handy for more than just keeping plates warm.

            1. re: Sherri

              Our last house had the pullout drawers and the cabinets. I preferred the cabinets. Used them all, of course.

              1. re: c oliver

                From a functional standpoint, the best of both worlds might be open sliding shelves. No doors to mess with, and no high sides to get in the way. Of course, that puts the contents of the shelves on display, so in my kitchen the functional advantages are probably outweighed by the aesthetic drawbacks. Kitchen design is all about compromises.

          4. I hate these hate threads, but you got me! My stove! It is in the right hand corner of the kitchen stuck in a corner w/ small counter space to the left. The kitchen table is behind me when I cook, I worry that if people (my wife) go behind me I'll suddenly turn and burn them. The cooking triangle takes up half the kitchen and lends it self to ballet or collision. Further more, we got a new GE Profile stove last year and it is the worst designed piece of crap I have ever cooked on. Due to the rear panel overhang, large pots cannot be centered over the burner and cooking w/ 2 large pots front to back is impossible as well. The super hot burner (gas) is not as hot as my old one and if using the oven the top burners do not get enough gas and cannot be turned up high. The gray enamel raised grill cannot be cleaned well, and food falls through the grill, cannot be retrieved and burns. Give me back my 50 year old Caloric range. To keep it balanced, I'm laying oak floors in the rest of the house this summer and next summer will gut and build myself new kitchen to my design. By doing the work myself (tile floors) I can afford better appliances. I have never owned a dish washer! The view from the kitchen allows me to watch the birds, including wild turkeys (I keep a rifle next to the back door.), deer and the occasional bear. the evil corner is behind me in the lobster coup de grace photo.

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              1. re: Passadumkeg

                My double wall oven thats not your everyday oven size. I curse the clerk that talked me into buying the smaller ones every time I want to use my sheet pans for cookies, my large cake pans & or my big roasting pan. Had to saw the handles off the darn roaster to get it to fit in the ovens!

                More pull out drawers & lower counters too. I have two pull out drawers under my gas cooktop but wish I had them throughout the kitchen as you can store things easier and see them better when needed. I also have a small work area that is lower than the rest of my counters and wish all my counter space was as low. Being a short person, normal counters are a bit too high for me. If I'm making a big pot of soup on my cooktop which is situated on the higher counters, I have to stand on a stool so I can see whats in my pot!

                1. re: Joyfull

                  Joyful how wide are your ovens?

                  1. re: Island

                    Island, so sorry for the late reply, I missed your question completely. Sure glad chow has added this comments on posts feature!

                    My ovens are only 21 inches wide, and the racks are indented by 1 inch so that makes them even smaller for fitting sheet pans, large cake pans, roasters etc.
                    They work like a charm, I do love them for that, but I hate them for size. Especially turkey time & wedding cake time!

              2. I HATE our $%&$#^ kitchen sink faucet, which has NO verticality to it and doesn't allow for any clearance into the ceramic ivory sink, which I also hate. I'd love to replace both, but beneath the heavy sink is a ginormous garbage disposal, and I can't figure out how to easily take it out to get to the faucet at least.

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                1. re: E_M

                  Remove the garbage disposal and compost! You'll have easier access to the incoming plumbing lines. It can be done easily w/ a few parts from the box store.

                  1. re: Passadumkeg

                    In my neighborhood the covenants and restrictions require that each home will have a disposer. The C&R's don't say you have to use it though. Oversight on someone's part. I think the intent was to help with deterring rodents. So yes i do have compost bins but they don't get used as much as we should, we don't garden as much as we used to. Anyway check on the C&R's before getting rid of it. If you decide to sell the house it could become an issue.

                2. I chose to have wide, deep drawers instead of bottom cabinets with pull-out shelves, and it was a great decision. My lowest drawers are tall enough to hold my largest stock pots, baking sheets, racks that hold pot covers standing on end, KA stand mixer, blender, etc.

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                  1. re: CindyJ

                    I also really appreciate the tall cabinet I use for dishes, glassware, serving pieces, etc. My height (or lack thereof) keeps me from being able to reach things that are placed on the upper shelves of typical above-counter wall cabinets. This cabinet that goes from the floor up keeps my everyday pieces very accessible.