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May 25, 2010 10:20 PM

Cleveland hound heading to Falling Water

I know there was a recent post about this area and I was wondering if there are any ethnic or region specific eats in the area? A good Greek diner or a little whole in the wall place, or anything else people think is worthwhile would be great! The responses to the last post were anemic and I am not sure if that was indicative of the area or day? :)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not much out there. Hopwood is not too far away. Used to be a place there called Chez Gerard, I think. It was very good.

    1. My mom is in that area, and you're really not going to find a Greek diner in that area. You'll find a food culture heavily influenced by the Amish and Mennonites. If it was the fall, you'd find Buckwheat pancakes dinners & breakfasts springing up.

      In Confluence, on the way to Falling Water, there's a small local foods shop on Lincoln Street. I think it's called Backyard Gardens, but I'm not sure. It's a nifty place.

      If you're there on a Saturday morning, the museum at Springs, PA has a farmer's market. Don't expect any fancy vegetables, but you will find things like ground cherry jelly at some of the stalls.

      There are several small chocolate companies in the area. Gene & Boots in the Uniontown Mall is the only one name I can remember right now. There's another based in Salisbury, PA, but I can't recall the name.

      On Rt 40, one of the gas stations, the one that does broasted chicken, has a bakery and restaurant attached. Wander into it, and look at the cookies. That will give you a good idea of what people bake at home. Buy whatever looks interesting in the display case. I'd suggest the gobs/whoopie pies. Then, let me know if they're worth buying. I've never actually tried their gobs.

      Also on Rt 40, the pies and breads at Glisan's are suppose to be good, but I can't vouch for those. My mom prefers to make her own, and she prefers me to eat hers.

      Glisan's Restaurant
      223 Tall Oaks Rd, Farmington, PA 15437

      1. Whatever you do, please do avoid Titlows Tavern in Uniontown, which is a neat little bar, but the food (which the locals rave about) is pedestrian and way the hell overpriced. Was there this past weekend for a tour and brunch at FW.... Sat nite we dined at Titlows...

        My wife ordered the filet mignon, with the menu stating it was in a wine reduction/mushroom sauce. The plate came out, dry as the Mojave. There was nothing but a 5 oz filet and a huge sweet potato. I had the shrimp scampi, (simply passable with my 24 yo son doing a far better job with this dish at home), with my spying some, not all of our 10 person table's dishes as I was engaged in convo with my neighbors. Friend enjoyed his Chicken breast with garlic and banana peppers. His daughter's burger did not look like any hamburger I've ever seen in this life. Their son had the double pork chop with rasberry chutney. Titlow's soups were good, but the rest of the offerings, as I've said were way overpriced (the crab/artichoke fondue for 2 - meh; the calamari was miniscule; tasty but the smallest calamari I've ever seen). Garden salad had me thinking salmonella as it was warm and had an off taste.

        It wasn't my choice and I did want to enjoy a good meal. Didn't happen till I returned to the NJ Shore (home). Please stay away, unless you're there for cocktails (and they make a good one).

        1. I understand that you are interested in regional ethnic food, but this area is very rural and finding unique food will be a struggle. That being said, I'd highly recommend that you make the short drive to Nemacolin Woodlands. This is a truly beautiful resort that has several top notch and more casual restaurants and it's just nice to walk around. Several shops and beautiful architecture. I wouldn't go to Fallingwater without taking some time for this too!

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            I second walking through Nemacolin, but I'm not so sure about the food.

            My experiences are different from yours, but I'd argue that there is a regional food in the area. I say that because I attend the folk/harvest festival at Springs every year. The focus of the food culture tends to be on baked goods and not on main courses. Restaurants tended to be judged on their breads, rolls and pies.

            The area also seems to heavily influenced by Mennonites, but I don't know enough about their food culture to articulate exactly how they've influenced the region at large.

            1. re: Mer_Made

              I'm afraid that I totally disagree about Nemacolin Woodlands being beautiful. I tend to think of the entire place as a pox on the Earth; I guess it is a matter of taste. Remember that this place was built by a man who had a larger than life, wind blown, oil portrait of his who-knows-which wife as a mural in his bathroom.

              Prepare yourself for lovely scenery and not great food in this area. The Caddy Shack at Nemacolin Woodlands serves food that is hearty and seems fresh enough. There are higher end restaurants in the complex, if you are looking for a higher end experience. I've read good reviews.

              Glisan's isn't worth a stop IMO. Diner-ish without anything really tasty to draw one in. We've eaten at The Stone House many times; it is OK. The Stone House is upscale compared to Glisan's, but Glisan's is very... casual, shall we say.

              This is church lady country. You won't find a Greek diner. If I had to eat in this area, and I sometimes do, I would choose The Caddy Shack or The Stone House. Expect plain American food and you probably won't be disappointed.

              Once, on the way home from FW, we stopped at a nearby BBQ stand. I remember that they had pulled pork sandwiches.

              I think stopping in Uniontown for food or drink detracts from the rural and mountain view experience one gets on the way to, and at, FW.

              Glisan's Restaurant
              223 Tall Oaks Rd, Farmington, PA 15437

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                I agree about Nemacolin...the Faux Chateau is all about pseudo luxury and mediocre food.

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                  Interesting - Lautrec gets raves.

          2. We went to Chez Gerard for was excellent! Highly recommended.

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            1. re: ladybugthepug

              Great to hear that it is still going strong!

              1. re: gfweb1

                Chez Gerard closed a couple of months ago unfortunately. There is a deli in Ohiopyle called Firefly that's pretty good. Not amazing; But worth checking out. Honestly, your best bet is to go to Pittsburgh if you want anything worth talking about.