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May 25, 2010 10:03 PM

Sushi in NE Phila

OK - so my go to sushi place in NE Phila is closed. It was the place at Grant and the Blvd that has been there for ages. Went to Fuji san on Halteman instead, pretty good for NE Phila, but not as good as the old place (it changed nanes about 10 years ago and I never remember - help CHs?) Two questions: Other sushi spots? Anyone know what happened to the sushi chefs at the Grant Ave place?

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  1. I used to like the sushi place you refer to on Grant Ave also, but once we discovered Fuji in Haddonfield (originally Cinaminson--no connection with the Fuji near Shop Rite, off the Blvd, it was love at first bite. No one else in Philly comes close--not even Morimoto. Plan a car trip--its worth it, but call for directions to find the parking lot in back of Fuji--there is no parking on the main street; they are in the back of a tiny shopping mall.

    If you find a place in NE Philly that is ok, I'd be interested also though.


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      oh I love Fuji! The reason I am looking in NE Phila is because that is where my Mom lives. I had promised her a dinner at Fuji for her birthday and before we could go she fell and broke her hip. She's not up to the car ride yet so I was looking for a "interum" sushi spot! We did get sushi from Fuji-san between Halteman and the Blvd - not bad but we lucked into white tuna, fresh scallops and sweet shrimp!

    2. I like Makiman Sushi. It's around the intersection of Cottman and Oxford Ave. They have killer lunch specials too.

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        hmmm - I'll have to check them out!

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          Friends of mine in the lower Northeast always mention Makiman and compare it favorably to some of the best center city sushi. Its definitely further south than Grant and the Blvd, but they say its worth traveling to! Full disclosure, I have not been there.

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            We have always liked Makiman and I've recommended it to people several times. That said, the last couple times we had sushi there were disappointing. Nothing was bad per se, but the nigiri didn't seem quite as fresh or high quality as usual. I'm hoping it was an aberration, but thought I'd mention it.

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              I go right by Makiman eery other week or so--we use the inexpensive cleaners right next door. One of these days I will try Makiman out. Thanks for the post!

              Or, you could give your Mom a real thrill, Bigley, and order some takeout specials from Fuji in Haddonfield! It might do her spirits a world of good

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                I enthusiastically reccomend MakiMan - I was just there and it was fabulous. Normally I get a mix of sushi and nigiri with a maki thrown in for balance and I have never had bad fish. However this time I was with a group, so we ordered all the fun "house rolls" and I am still full. Plus - it's BYOB, what more can you ask?

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                  Mom decied if she could get dragged around to appointments she could survive the trip to Haddonfield. Excellent meal at Fuji last night! Still want to try Makiman at some point!

          2. I really enjoy Makiman, i do feel the service is a bit slow though,

            1. I love Makimann..I have eaten sushi all over, and I keep coming back..

              1. If you ever get to the western suburbs, try Osaka in Wayne. I'd rather fill up on high quality fresh fish than rice, so I go for the Sashimi. I especially love it with plenty of fresh shiso on the side. They never let me down. We've actually left places that didn't have it, or worse yet, asked what it was! When we go to Osaka, we know it's going to be good, and everyone leaves happy.