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May 25, 2010 10:00 PM

Dinner stop between Dallas and Little Rock on I-30?

NYC Hound driving from Dallas to Little Rock and looking for a dinner stop. Something delicious and meaty. Any strong recs?

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  1. What time would you like to stop and where do you think you might be at that time. Are you interested in a quick meal close to Interstate or something really nice.

    A place I like near Texarkana in Hooks, TX immediately off I30 is a mom and pop place that serves BBQ & a nice steaks.

    Ramage Farms Country Store @ 901 Main St., Hooks, TX 903 - 547 - 6187. I30EXIT208. BBQ.

    Bryce's Cafeteria in Texarkana has been around 50 years and serves outstanding food nothing fancy but great stuff.

    Bryce's Cafeteria @ 2021 Mall Dr., Texarkana, TX 903 - 792 - 1611. * I30/EXIT222.