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May 25, 2010 09:55 PM

Dinner stop between Dallas and Little Rock?

Hey y'all. NYC hound making a roadtrip pn I-30 from Dallas to Little Rock. Leaving Dallas around 4, looking for a tasty stop somewhere between Dallas and Little Rock. Not super expensive, aside from that, I'm open to anything. My partner is a vegetarian but she's not coming with me, so meat-tacular places are totally welcome!

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  1. We make the trip from Houston to Oaklawn in Hot Springs every spring and from Texarkana on, there isn't much. If you want to get off the road for a break, about 20 miles off of I-30 in Hot Springs, we like to eat at Fisherman's Wharf or Jose's (always a bit of a wait at meal time - maybe 1/2 hour). Both are very popular for good reason.

    If you find something good on the road, let us know. We usually eat in Marshall or Texarkana because after Texarkana, there just isn't much.

    1. There is an excellent cafeteria in Texarkana called Bryce's. It's on the south side of I30. Bryce's has been an institution in Texarkana for years. But they have stayed current, even built a new building out on the Interstate. You could do fried chicken ....and they have good pies. Easy on/off the Interstate.

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        I haven't been there in many years. Good to hear they're still at it.

        I've noticed several recent restaurants of the day on Roadfood have been in AR. Nothing right on your route but there is an older one in Benton.

        The Sterns never publish negative reviews. I've eaten at some places they've raved about and found them unacceptable. Can't speak to any of these but some of them would interest me if I was headed up that way.

        There's a review of Bryce's in the Texas section with lots of pictures.

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          Bryce's is still very, very good for a cafeteria. I had lunch there twice in the past month.

          There is also a place on State Line, about a mile and a half south of the interstate called the Dixie Diner. Family owned and run Chicken Fried Steak kind of place that is reasonably good.

          Dixie Diner
          415 N Kings Hwy, Texarkana, TX 75501

        2. This is a neat place to stop just off I 30 in Hooks TX just west of Texarkana with great BBQ/Steaks in an old country store with great food, atmosphere, service, etc. Just off the highway. Good luck.

          Ramage Farms Country Store @ 901 Main St., Hooks, TX 903 - 547 - 6187. I30EXIT208. BBQ.