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May 25, 2010 08:47 PM

Fresh Peach Pie @ Bankers Hill

We had another great meal at Bankers Hill tonight. Spurred by posts here I was ready to try the pie. Tonight it was fresh peach pie (the peaches were the Debutant variety obtained at the Farmers Market in Santa Monica) Superb. Flaky flavorful crust-a filling that tasted like eating a peach just off a tree. WOW.

By the way. We were there in the early evening and at in the lower dining room and the doise level was far less than in the hiogher area near the bar.

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  1. Going tonight, thanks for the tip!

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    1. I'm the plain looking guy with the Chowhound gut dining with the hot chick. Reservations are at 745, we might eat corn fed beef, so don't kiss me, ok?

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      1. re: Fake Name

        Meh, called them, sounds like all their meat is standard grain-fed, and there's not much on the menu not meat-based.

        Enjoy your plate of evil. :-)

        1. re: Josh

          Eating only tofu and bean sprouts clearly makes you so, so bitter.

          Come on have a burger, it's calling you with it's siren's song Jooooshhhh, Joooosshhh!

          I will tuck into a piece of peach pie at BH tonight.

          1. re: Fake Name

            Fortunately I have Burger Lounge, Linkery, Small Bar, O'Brother's and Toronado to sate my grass-fed burger needs.

            Fish and chips looks pretty good. The pie sounds absurd. I'm vacillating.

            3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

            188 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA

            1. re: Josh

              Easy way to spot Fake Name: he will be dressed in black - he's the Johnny Cash of Chowhound.

              1. re: foodiechick

                Hardy-har. I don't always wear black- that's a myth. But only wear color once a year- the Sushi Red Ball.

                Has anoy one hears anything about the Fish/chips at BH?

              2. re: Josh

                love the burgers at Toronado lately....they cook them perfect, not that "medium" BS

                1. re: MrKrispy

                  Yeah man, agreed. They have now become my favorite in town.

                  1. re: Josh

                    Better then farmhouse? And have you tried the New Zealand bar in PB? Those two are my faves (non-commodity beef style...the only kind I partake in).

                    1. re: jturtle

                      I haven't had Farmhouse's in a while. Need to go back.

        2. Peach pie was a hit, as was the rest of the meal. Loved it!

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            1. re: foodiechick

              I have, really good stuff. Fresh Cod. Not served with classic chips but rather house made potato chips. I enjoyed it. I'm sad to hear the Cherry pie is gone but look forward to hcecking out the Peach.

              1. re: mjill

                Last night, they had cherry on the menu, but I begged and pleaded enough that they found some peach.

          1. I just heard Troy Johnson of Riviera Mag. on KPBS RAVE about the burger, saying it is now best in the city.

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            1. re: foodiechick

              I wonder what he was comparing it to.

              1. re: Josh

                He specified the club house burger at AR Valentien, which IMHO is good but not sure I would designate it as the best.

                1. re: foodiechick

                  We were there last night and that burger was really good. I had the duck confit which was wonderful. Those famous pork tacos were just ok--too salty and the slaw was way soggy with too much sauce. The butterscotch pudding? OMG---that in itself will bring me back. I didn't even notice peach pie when I saw that on the menu. I really like the place and for being open only 3 weeks, the service was spot-on. We will be back there soon.

                  1. re: keena

                    My wife loved the burger and put it 3rd in her personal list (she likes Cucina Urbana's and Whisknladle's more). Seemed solid to me.

                    I agree about the butterscotch pudding; it is absolutely delicious! It's served with salted caramel sauce and I think a bit of creme fraiche, with some shortbread on the side. Mmm, I'm craving it now...

                    1044 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

            2. Went there tonight. Fantastic! Loved it.

              FYI, grass-fed beef from Meyer Ranch.

              Fish and chips were amazing. Peach pie and butterscotch pudding also great.

              Will definitely be going back.

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              1. re: Josh

                Hey- we were there too. Did you get too many fries?

                1. re: Fake Name

                  No, we had fish and chips. We were sitting in the far left back corner, looking in from the sidewalk.

                2. re: Josh

                  How'd the burger compare to Alchemy, Farmhouse, Toronado, Nine-Ten, etc?

                  1. re: DougOLis

                    Next time I'm getting it. Table sitting next to us ordered one. Guy gets it, pulls off an incredible-looking, ginormous slab of yellow heirloom tomato, marvels at its size, then puts it on his bread plate, where it remained for the rest of the meal. People are strange.

                    1. re: Josh

                      what a sin! he probably had no clue what is was.

                        1. re: DougOLis

                          Yeah, I had it too and found it totally bland and boring.

                          And then I found out (after the meal) that the server lied to us (or was misinformed) when he told us it was grass-fed beef. Apparently Meyer Ranch is standard grain-fed beef.

                          That's the first grain-fed beef for me in more than a year, and it's remarkable to taste the difference: fatty, insipid, and totally uninteresting to eat. I'd take the burgers at Toronado or Alchemy over BH any day.

                          1. re: Josh

                            Damn, that sucks. Sorry to hear that. I haven't been eating much grain-fed beef these days either and it seems like whenever I do, I feel terrible afterwards. Not to mention that it's usually pretty boring.

                            1. re: Josh

                              I'd even throw in Burger Lounge to that list. BTW - I've been hearing good things about the burger at Barefoot bar & Grill in PB. It's on my list, tried it yet?