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May 25, 2010 05:21 PM

which pitcher for iced tea?

I've always made iced tea in a plastic pitcher--but have since learned that plastic is only for cold beverages, as hot ones cause the plastic to leach into the liquid.

So I bought a recycled glass pitcher. It cracked as soon as I poured in the boiling water.

Today I went to the housewares store and asked the salesperson which pitcher to buy. She recommended a different glass pitcher, which I just unpacked. It has a label on it indicating that it is not for use with hot beverages.

Now what?!?!


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  1. This reminds me of being about 12 years old & making iced tea for my mom, returning from work on a blistering hot summer day. Unfortunately I destroyed her beautiful crystal pitcher in the process. That said, unless I am missing something, the solution is to let the tea cool in the pot and then pour into the glass pitcher (pouring over a metal spoon, per my grandmother?) Never understood that part, but haven't cracked a glass pitcher since.

    1. I put a large and long metal spoon in before pouring in the boiling liquid. I think the rationale is that the worst of the heat is conducted up the metal and out. But if yours says no hot beverages,then I wouldn't use it for hot beverages. I also don't believe the plastic leaching stuff but I know that plenty of people do so i don't argue that point.

      1. Pour your boiling water into Pyrex. If you can't find a pitcher, use a Pyrex measuring cup and transfer the tea once it's had a chance to cool a bit.

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          I was going to post something similar to alanbarnes. Make strong tea in a large Pyrex measuring cup, then after it's had time to steep it can go into the pitcher of your choice.

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            I use a pyrex measuring cup too. And for a pitcher, I repurposed a beer growler from a local brewery.

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              was thinking about this--but I hate using extra dishes! I'm going to start with the spoon, and if that fails, will use a pyrex. Thanks!

        2. I don't know how a glass pitcher cannot be OK for hot bev's unless you don't preheat the pitcher, but anyways...

          For iced tea, be sure to make the tea extra strength. Then, BEFORE you pour the tea into the pitcher, add a cup or two of plain cold water (even tap water). This will minimize the thermal shock. Or put a bunch of ice cubes in there, and then pour the hot tea over those.

          I thought everyone did it this way, so your posting sort of surprised me.

          I have a plain heavy glass pitcher, 20 years old from Woolworths. I've always used the plan of action above with no worries.

          1. I use a cold-brew method. Put loose tea (or tea bags) into pitcher. Pour on cold water. Leave until brewed to your preference. For example, to make herbal peppermint tea, spoon appropriate amount into unbleached filter papers, staple closed, pour on water, leave in fridge overnight. Et voilĂ , perfect refreshing mind tea by morning.

            Dead simple. Works every time & I've done this for at least 20 years.

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              That's my method. A clear pitcher left by the window.