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May 25, 2010 04:13 PM

Uncle Dougie's New York Style Heroes, Oakland...DELICIOUS VALUE, with a side of NYC

This place is incredible, went and loved it right away! Clean, easy to find, with a super friendly AND skilled staff that is led by Uncle Dougie his own self. Talk about quality control....

I had the Italian Meatlof sandwich (there are four different types of sandwiches and then spaghetti [next time!], and some pizza bread), about $8 with a small bag of chips included...drinks for sale of course, and that's it...great sign (to me) do a few things very well!

Simple menu, quality chow, unique hours (late Late LATE weekend, lunches normal times and closed in mid-afternoon to eve...check it out, and find out why heroes are not grinders are not hoagies are not All In Ones are not submarine sandwiches are not...

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