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May 25, 2010 02:53 PM

What fish will be missing from the menu

I really hate to bring up a sad subject. But what seafood/fish will not be on the menu next week because of the oil spill. Have not read too much about this on CH and just wanted to know what is missing from the menus. We are very much looking forward to our return to NOLA and this will not spoil our trip.

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  1. I was wondering the same thing- has there been a move away from serving seafood from the restaurants in Nola?

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      not yet so far as I can see, but it sure as hell appears to be coming. Frozen shrimp will carry a lot of places thru the summer. The western zone is atill open but if this is a bad assome offshore friends say, well, I am not hopeful about the Gulf's future for a long time.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        I share your apprehension about the future.

        Some might find this article informative / interesting.

    2. Do you mean what seafood is Gulf seafood? Well, almost all the oyster beds are closed. Shrimping season was about to begin, but now the boats are mostly docked. Drum, oysters, shrimp, grouper--all of those will take a hit. Crawfish will be ok because they are freshwater, but they are going out of season. Catfish will be ok. The fish lady at the Crescent City Farmer's Market told me recently that they fish out to the west, but the feds just closed a zone to the west of the spill today.

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      1. re: midcity

        gulf seafood is the best in the world in my opinion and I cant imagine coming to new orleans and not being able to get it a real tragedy.

      2. As of today, all fresh seafoods are available and safe to eat. Prices have gone up significantly on oysters and finfish, like black drum, but they are available. Still seeing gorgeous fresh shrimp daily. Crawfish will end sometime this month. Softshells running real nice. Crabmeat in good supply, but a little high in price. As the federal fisheries closures move further south and west, offshore fish like tuna might get tight, but still there for now. Saw beautiful wahoo yesterday. Red grouper is coming out of Florida. Snappers will be scarce as most are caught around mid-depth rigs, which are mostly off-limits. Hope this helps and hope you get the chance to dine!

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          whatisagrit, thank you for your comprehensive response. Looking forward to visiting your beautiful city again.

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            This describes it spot-on.

            The real issue is the future. There will be so little caught to IQF to sell for next year.

            1. re: savory south

              Was west of Galveston a few weeks ago and saw more shrimpers than we have ever seen. Hopefully we are helping our New Orleans friends out.