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May 25, 2010 02:35 PM

[London] Post theatre supper wanted

Will be "darn sarf" next week and am planning to see a show one night (hopefully 39 Steps at the Criterion if we can pick up "last minutes"). We'll snack beforehand but would like a casual, but nice, supper afterwards. Anything recommended nearby - no preference for cuisine or cost?


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  1. golden day is your best bet - get there by 11.00 pm and you'll enjoy some superb hunanese cooking.

    there are plenty of posts on chowhound recommending specific dishes; search under limster and jfores to get some tips.


    1. You're spoiled for choice in that area! I'd be tempted to wander up to Goodman for a steak or Dehesa for some good wine, charcuterie and tapas.

      Also in that area: Bob Bob Ricard; Yalla Yalla; Yoshino. For snacks beforehand - Mooli's, Koya, Adagio?

      1. As noted, there are lots of good spots in that area. I don't know how far is far to you, but a short taxi ride would take you to RSJ near Waterloo. That's my idea of a casual but nice, supper restaurant, and I think they take last orders at 23:00. We went pre-theatre, and I felt it a bit rushed... hopefully, that wouldn't be the case post-theatah.

        1. Seconding Bob Bob Ricard for the atmosphere and champagne button alone!

          1. Well, we snacked on a superb salt beef sandwich from the Nosh Bar on Great Windmill Street. Good beef, thick soft bread with a nice crust, drizzle of mustard. I remembered it from donkeys years ago - I think the original closed about 20 years back and the new one has only opened in the same premises (and much the same menu) fairly recently. A few stools allow eating in.

            The show was great - very funny especially if you've seen the original 1935 film. The sandwich staved off hunger pangs until we made our way outside.

            We went to Golden Day. Now, I have to say that I am gob-smacked that we went to Golden Day. I'd offered Mrs H the choice of going there or to the branch of Noura, just round the corner from the theatre. I thought this would be easy-peasy. On the one hand, we both love Lebanese food and Noura is a favourite destination for us. On the other hand, herself doesnt really like Chinese food and normally has to be dragged kicking and screaming whenever I suggest a trip to Manchester's Chinatown. She said "we'll go to the Chinese". Frankly, I was disappointed but, as in any couple situation, there's always a casting vote in the event of a tie. Resistance was futile.

            We ordered a stewed pork belly "Mao style". Soft fatty pork, well spiced with chilli. The meat was a vivid red but I couldnt detect what was used for that. I asked the waitress who said she'd also asked the chef who had said it was a "secret". We also ordered a dish of pork and peppers - thin slices of belly pork and the green peppers just lightly fried so retaining most of their crispness.

            Now, of course, to appreciate these dishes, you have to enjoy very fatty pork. I quite like that (and, by now, I was damned hungry) but Mrs H doesnt. So, she didnt eat very much. I suspect that if I offer this sort of choice again, we'll be wolfing down shish taouk and moutabel.

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            1. re: Harters

              but did you like golden day?!

              fwiw, there's plenty there that i think mrs harters would have enjoyed - cucumber with chefs special dressing, the aubergines, the elegant soups, the sour pungent chicken (not spicy at all, but wow, the flavours) etc.

              1. re: howler

                I did. I quite like this very casual style of Chinese restaurant - particularly in the late evening. Reminds me of beer-sodden visits to Manchester's Chinatown after the pubs closed - and places that were still open at 4 in the morning.

                I was somewhat surprised at not only herself''s decision that this was where we were going but also her choice of food. They do a pork and green bean dish which looked similar to one she finds OK at a Sichuan place in Manc.