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Good Mexican in Keyport

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Going out for a buddies birthday and looking for dinner options for a small group. I saw some posts about good mexican in keyport. Any ideas and recommedations would be great. A liquor license is a plus. Not only mexican but any great places in area would be great.

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  1. I'd go with McDonaghs in Keyport for a birthday event. Not Mexican, but they have some crazy sick cottage fry nachos things which are close enough.

    1. +1 for Drews.

      1. Hey msk..the mexican in Keyport is Taco's no Problem on Broad Street. While the food is awesome, it wouldnt be the place to sit in for a meal. You could take it out and enjoy a bench on the new Keyport Waterfront! For Mexican with liquor license I would reccomend Chillango's in Atlantic Highlands. Great moles, chimmichangas and excellant Margaritas and Sangria.

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          Just a geographical word: Chilango's is on Bay Ave. in Highlands, it's not in Atlantic Highlands.

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            I stand corrected..thanks Deb