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May 25, 2010 01:12 PM

Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast [moved from General Topics]

Has anyone tried this iced? I love my iced coffee from Dunkin black, but am worried I may find this overly bitter. I don't make it there often enough to justify buying 2 iced coffees just to see if this kind is any good. And quite frankly I'm too much of an addict to go with another type of coffee that may not be as good.

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  1. A good gauge is if you enjoy iced Americanos at Starbucks. I would say it's in the same world of "bitter." For me, the Iced Dunkin Dark (taken black) is my new go-to iced drink, but I am partial to dark brews.

    1. I tried it yesterday, and found it very bitter. Like you I drink Ice Coffee Black and would not want to pay for two cups. So I asked the counterperson tp pour just a taste in the cup for me to taste. I did, asked her to pour it out and fill the cup with the standard ice coffee.

      You can always ask for a taste, especially of a new item, just not at the drive thru...........

      1. I wonder if they just messed my order up, but I didn't notice much of a difference at all between the regular iced and the dark I ordered a couple days ago. Hmmm.

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          Did you order it black? OR with swetener and milk/cream?

          A definite difference in the Black, but my oldest daughter brought home one of the 'regular' and one dark roast with cream and sugar. It was so milky and sweet, that I could not tell the difference between the two when I tasted them.

          1. re: bagelman01

            A splash of milk. It looked and tasted no different than normal.

        2. I've only tried it once. I usually take mine with milk, no sugar, and I could taste the difference. It was similar to the regular roast, just not as good. At least it was still much better than starbucks iced.
          It's possible that the dark iced I tried had been sitting around longer than usual, as I imagine my DD doesn't go through as much of it as the regular.

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          1. re: tomcollins

            actually, you would be better off if the coffee was sitting around longer than usual. Growing up, My mother only made iced coffee with yesterday's coffee.

            They put so much ice in the ice coffee at DD as to make it coffee flavored water. I drink it black, so I often make sure to tell them just 1/4 cup full of ice. I hate paying $2.69 for aq cup filled to the brim with ice and a few ounces of coffee...too cold, too weak, and makes me feel ripped off.

          2. I had an iced one, and brought it home where I added my own half & half.

            It had a sour acidic taste to it - not good. It's stronger than the regular coffee (which is pretty worthless IMO) but not something I will spend almost 3 dollars on again. I can make MUCH better coffee at home, and much cheaper (just got the DD because I had a sink full of dirty dishes and needed coffee quick)