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May 25, 2010 12:29 PM

Mitsuwa Food Fair, Thu 05/27 - Sun 05/30

I posted this on the LA board and thought I should follow up here as well, since San Diego's Mitsuwa is also participating in this food fair. =)

For more info, go here:

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  1. Yes, and this is a chance to try Ippudo and another famous ramen chain from Japan. My wife is interested in the seafood bento. Fairs like these at Mitsuwa tend to offer something new that you normally can't get in the US. They hold them in Japan too - for example bringing Hokkaido food down to Yokohama for a few weeks.

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    1. re: royaljester

      Keep in mind that most of the events will not take place in San Diego, which is striking as they were setting up what I thought to be a rather sizeable sized booth (at least for SD Mitsuwa) last weekend for the event. But my reading of the flyer that was posted at Mitsuwa at the time, and the link above, leads me to believe that we're only going to be getting the (pre-packaged) Ikura and Crab bento and Inarizushi.

      At the time I could've sworn I also saw the poster announce that the Kukuru Takoyaki will be coming to SD, but apparently not according to their website.

      1. re: cgfan

        Thanks for posting this, OCAnn! I went to the SD store around lunch time today and Kukuru Takoyaki were there making their specialty. Yum!

        1. re: hopkid

          Excellent info, hopkid! I could have sworn that I saw Kukuru's sign last weekend at Mitsuwa, but the web information did not list them coming to San Diego.

          Yum... Takoyaki...

          1. re: cgfan

            Hopefully Kukuru will be there throughout the weekend. The fair (separate register from Kukuru's) also had all kinds of kamaboko (I really liked the spicy cod roe) and a potato apple pie. Yeah, I had never heard of it either so I had to buy one. Really yummy!

    2. I know they tend to run out of food at these things - when is the best time to go? And is there anymore backround information on the special bento and inarizushi?

      1. Went today and they had great baked yam and whip cream yam (in refrigerated section). I recommend the latter at $2 if you want a dessert without committing too much to yam. Wife wanted the seafood bento, but they did have the takoyaki there. Ramen is Costa Mesa and LA only.