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May 25, 2010 11:54 AM

Affordable meats and produce on Oahu

My family and I eat Paleolithic, which means we consume ALOT of meat, veggies and fruit. I am looking for market places that are not only affordable but sell in bulk meats as well. Any ideas on where we could go here on Oahu for good quality affordable meats? We would also like suggestions on fresh produce markets as well, we would like to buy as local as possible for out daily meals to help the local producers on the island.

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  1. Have you searched this site for open markets? For meat, join Costco.

    1. Agree with Costco for meat. Another option for local producers is Big Island Veal. You can find them at KCC Farmer's Mkt Saturday mornings, but this week they also said R. Fields at Beretania has it (though I have not personally confirmed) and they said that the new Foodland in Aina Haina was carrying it too, but I've been there twice and have yet to find it. One word of caution - their veal is NOT cheap, but it is local and AH-MAZ-ING. I am spoiled for life.

      As far as produce markets, your best best is the Farmer's Markets, hands down. There is practically one every day of the week these days. I live on the east side, so I know most of those there: Tues & Sat Kaiser HS, Sat KCC, Sat. in Hawaii Kai next to Kiss and Ride, Wed. (?) at Blaisdale, Manoa Farmer's Mkt on Sun. One caution with the smaller farmer's markets - I've noticed that on some of the smaller markets have product that while less expensive is NOT local, so if that's important to you, be sure to ask if your unsure.

      A quick search on the net should result in some mkts closer to your house if those don't suffice.

      Good luck.

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        Costco also carries a good amount of local produce. I just got some Kula strawberries for 2.49#, some Hamakua Springs Cocktail tomatoes for 6.99 (2#), they also had Big Island Honshemeji mushrooms, local cucumbers, green beans and other items. If you are thinking of local beef from a market like the Saturday KCC farmer's market you can get North Shore Cattle Co. beef but you need to order in advance and they will have it for you. It comes frozen which is not a problem and does not compromise the taste/flavor.
        They also make some tasty tasty sausages (Andouille, Portuguese). tsays is correct in
        saying that not all markets are selling completely local produce. Check out the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation website for their listing of their markets. Every Thursday they update the site with what will be offered at each one.

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