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May 25, 2010 11:03 AM

metro-accessible korean food?

we want the good stuff. fresh kimchi, lots of banchan, kalbi and bulgogi and all that, but no driving to annandale. have heard good things about both mandu and arisu but open to suggestions...

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  1. I went to Mandu once. Meh. It wasn't awful, but Honey Pig and Yechong were just so much better.

    1. I don't know enough at all about Korean food (or Annandale) -- but you might want to add Adams Express in Mount Pleasant to your list of metro-accessible places, as it's convenient from Columbia Heights metro, if you're in that area. It's a hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop (really, an elderly couple, he cooks your meal once you order), with just a few stools, mostly carry-out. Haven't been in a while and, like I said, don't know enough to compare. Would be curious what you think, if you go.

      1. You're a bit SOL on that front... Mandu is subpar, and I think Arisu is closed?

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          Woomi in Wheaton is easily walkable from Metro.

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            I always forget about Maryland :\ Only know DC and Northern VA.

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              Is Woomi any good? I thought it was mostly Japanese?

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                Woomi is actually a Korean restaurant that serves some Japanese. It's very good. In DC, there's Yeehwa (Farragut North or Farragut West metro). It's not the cheapest, but it's much better than Mandu (Dupont Circle metro) and they have a wide variety of authentic dishes. Arisu is very good too, but it's not walking distance from metro. You'd have to take the Georgetown shuttle from Dupont Circle metro and walk a bit.

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                  Yeehwa. I don't know why ppl on various other boards don't like it there, but it's usually decent Korean food, homey and filling. It's not THE BEST, but you really do have to get a car and head out to Annadale for that. (or to Woo Lae Oak.)

                  Mandu has been terrible every time I've gone and they are stingy with the panchan, something I will not tolerate. (I'm Korean and that absolutely makes me crazy how few they serve when I've taken 6+ ppl there for dinner.)

                  It kind of depends on what you want too. To satisfy a craving, Adams Express is alright. I'd eat there once a week if lived over there. Woo Lae Oak is super chi-chi decor and banquet food. Hee Been buffet will have something you will like, but if you want authentic soondae you can't get there from Metro without riding the 16 bus down Columbia Pike.

                  Woo Lae Oak
                  8240 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182

                  1. re: dining with doc

                    anyone ever try yet gol? that is near glenmont metro