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May 25, 2010 10:48 AM

Lobster stock ideas

I made a batch of Lobster stock and am just curious what interesting things people do with it. I have done risotto and mashed potatoes many times before as well as bisques and other traditional uses. I am looking for something else, perhaps better suited to the warm weather.

Probably going to do a seafood stir fry with the stock as the base for the sauce. Any other ideas?

I froze half of it so I probably only have about 32 oz or so.

Thanks in advance

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  1. well my first thoughts were risotto & mashed but you've already both of those! another idea was lobster pot pie, but that's not exactly summer fare ;)

    how about a savory lobster custard?

    or this Eric Ripert recipe for Warm Lobster Salad?

    you could also use it as a sauce base for lobster fra diavolo, ravioli, or another pasta dish.

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      Thanks for the reply. I ended up making a paella with the stock and it turned out to be the best one I have made yet. I usually use chicken stock or water but this really came out good.

    2. Dilute with tomato juice (ratio as you like), add vodka, tobasco, worcestershire, generous squeeze of lemon, shake with ice. Serve in Old Bay rimmed-glass, garnish with cooked, chilled 16-20 shrimp and lemon wedge. Enjoy as pre-paella cocktail.
      I think 1. interesting, 2 suited to the warm weather.

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        That sounds pretty damned good, I made the paella on the grill last night with the non frozen stock but I think I have found the best way to use the rest when I defrost it. I love a bloody Mary with Clamato and this is taking it a nice step forward using homemade stock. It seems obvious but honestly I never would have thought of that.

        I pity anyone who throws out their crustacean shells, they really can create some delicious things.

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          I also have some nice homemade pickled okra as a garnish.

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            I was going to suggest going crazy with the garnishes - makes for interesting cocktail conversation - hot peppers, chilled pickled squid tentacles, Spanish banderillas (gherkin, olive, onion on a stick), anchovy fillet on a toothpick, artichoke heart, whatever. Pickled okra (homemade) sounds great.
            The lobster antennae also make for nice (but somewhat inedible) garnish.

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              i was just snacking on some pickled okra last night and thinking that anyone who's never had it is REALLY missing out :)

              the paella sounds fantastic - glad you made the most of a special ingredient.

          2. For next time, Lobster mac & cheese. Had some at a restaurant recently and don't know if they used lobster stock at all, but you can use it when making the cheese sauce. Really delicious.

            1. Just trying to do new stuff also, as I have about 10 quarts now after reusing my stock starter several times in the last few weeks.

              Try a clear broth from it made with chopped fennel carrots, potatoes, and shrimp,