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Jul 6, 2005 12:50 AM

St Paul Sandwich

  • k

Where can I find a Saint Paul Sandwich in the Los Angeles area or in the San Fernando Valley????

Someone in this City has to make a St Paul

Please help....

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  1. Not a chance.

    You're gonna have to get your self some Wonderbread, some Best Foods Mayo, and some iceberg letuce, and put 'em in a bag... then stop by any of the cheap American Chinese takeout places and get some Pork Egg Foo Young to go...

    Then stack 'em up (ask for some sweet and sour sauce in little packets if they've got 'em)...

    There you go, you've got yourself the meanest St. Paul Sandwich outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

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    1. re: Homer

      y'd think something that simple and that good would be easily found.

      When I make these at home I like a nice roll, tends to hold together a little better....lots of mayo, S and S sauce, and one juicy tomato...ummmmm

    2. Kurt, by any chance, were you watching the Sandwiches You Will Like show on PBS on Monday night? ;-)