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May 25, 2010 09:34 AM

Cheese around Camden

Another post for wedding food planning (following up these: and We are thinking about having a cheese course at our wedding in Camden, Maine, perhaps getting a couple of whole cheese wheels. Where in the area can we get really good cheese for reasonable prices in large quantities? We personally love blue cheese and would like to have at least some blue, but a variety would be good as well (perhaps something Brie-like, and something harder like a manchego or sharp cheddar). Should we try to sample at the farmers' market and then contact the suppliers directly? I seem to remember reading in Down East about a local cheesemaker too...

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  1. I would try the direct local supplier route first. For example, Appleton Creamery for their goat cheese.

    State of Maine Cheese Co. sells direct/retail at their store on Rte One, Rockport.

    Maine Cheese Guild

    1. I would agree with Appleton Creamery's goat cheese, but State of Maine is pretty ordinary. The best artisan cheesemaker in Maine is probably Debbie Hahn in Phippsburg. I think the closest farmer's market where you can find her products for tasting and considering is the one in Damariscotta: not exactly on Camden's doorstep, but probably worth a trip on a Saturday. Her cheese are truly excellent. I personally like City of Ships, a nice tangy cheddar-type; and her version of Camembert, called "Golden Ridge." She also makes a fine blue, the name of which escapes me at the moment. Not cheap, but definitely worth it. You may hear some suggestions of Treats in Wiscasset as a source, but my recent experience with their cheeses are they don't keep them very well, and they're overpriced.

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        Hahn's is always at the Camden farmers' market, but don't know if that's started up yet for the summer; I've been away.

      2. Farmers Fare, Rte. 90, Rockport (about a quarter mile west of Rt. 1 intersection) has an excellent selection of Maine-made cheeses:

        1. Here's another link to the Maine Cheese Guild w/ a map of farm's locations.

          1. I second the Appleton Creamery recommendation. They make excellent cheese from cow & sheep milk (their "Camdenbert" might fit the bill, for example) in addition to their better known goat cheeses. Monroe Cheese Studio also makes excellent cheeses and they show up at the Belfast Farmer's Market, not sure about Camden. It's much farther afield, but if the Portland area is a convenient stop for you, the guys at the Rosemont Markets do special orders all the time and they have a great selection of cheeses from all over the world. Good luck!