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May 25, 2010 09:16 AM

Dinner in Banff?

DH and I are heading to Banff in July. We are staying at Storm Mountain Lodge. The reservations form suggested making dinner reservations. I did so, but wonder if this is my best bet. Anyone have experience there? If it's not the place to go, what are other rec's?

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  1. Relatives of ours stayed at SML and the food was ok, but nothing special. You are probably equidistant to Banff, but our fave place to eat down that way is the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. It is pricey but beautiful food and service. If the dining room is expensive for you, try the Post Hotel Pub, where the food comes out of the same kitchen for a lower price point.

    Driving further west, Cilantro at the Emerald Lake Lodge is another casual place we like to eat at. The dining room at ELL is good too.

    1. The Bison is very good. You can see menu and reserve online (for there and other Banff restos) at

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      1. The Eden at the Rimrock is the only 5 diamond restaurant in Western Canada. If you are prepared to spend the bucks - it will likely be some of the finest dining you will find.