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May 25, 2010 06:41 AM

Upscale vegetarian options in Winchester, Martinsburg, Shepardstown or Harpers Ferry?

We're heading to that general area this weekend and looking for a great dinner. We're vegetarians, but it doesn't have to be a vegetarian restaurant - just somewhere with fresh/local ingredients and a chef that takes non-meat eaters seriously!

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  1. Two easy ones here that you'll be very happy with--One Block West in Winchester, with Ed Matthews as owner/chef, and Stone Soup in Shepherdstown. You can find other places that qualify, especially in Shepherdstown, but these are probably your best bets. Both of them have web sites and are downtown and easy to find.

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    1. re: justicat

      Great, thanks! Just made a reservation at One Block West.

      One Block West Restaurant
      25 S Indian Aly, Winchester, VA 22601

      1. re: NickJohnson

        By the way, One Block West was TREMENDOUS. The food was extremely wonderful, as were the people. And we stayed at a great bed and breakfast that Chef Ed's website recommended. My whole attitude toward Winchester, Virginia has changed radically.

        One Block West Restaurant
        25 S Indian Aly, Winchester, VA 22601