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May 25, 2010 05:48 AM

Spartanburg, SC recommendations? Anyone?

The husband and I will be in Spartanburg this Sunday night, and we're in desperate need of a place to eat. We're not interested in diners (namely, The Beacon) or meat and 3's. I've scoured the boards already and haven't had much luck. We're not especially picky people, but we'd like to find something that's fresh, seasonal, and moderately priced (locally sourced would be nice as well, but we can go without that). We could also go for a decent brew pub. Where do the local chowhound eaters go?

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  1. Billy D's might work for you.

    Billy D's Grill @ 880 South Pine St., Spartanburg, SC 864 - 591 - 2008.

    If not then Steak Royale should.............

    Steak Royale @ 990 Charisma Dr., Spartanburg, SC 864 - 503 - 0777. I85/EXIT4B/5B.

    Billy D's Grill
    880 S Pine St, Spartanburg, SC 29302

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    1. re: Littleman

      Those sound like a start, but the options may be a bit meat-heavy for our crowd. We're going with at least one vegetarian and one person who eats fish, but no other meat. I'd like to go to a restaurant where they would feel less like an afterthought.

      1. re: sethacke

        In all honesty, you may be stuck driving to Greenville. The options in downtown Greenville are a little closer to your specifications. There are a number of places along the strip through Main St that would work for you. Haven't ever really heard of anywhere in Spartanburg that would hit that exact need.

        1. re: sethacke

          You might want to try Four Seasons on Fernwood. Billy usually has some great fish on the menu, and plenty of pasta. Billy D's (which is partly owned by Billy's brother-in-law, Mathew) usually has some outstanding seafood dishes and pasta as well. That being said, outside of these two restaurants and a couple of Thai places, I have a hard time recommending anything else in Spartanburg, and I'd lived there 30+ years. Piedmont Club can be decent, but you have to be a member.

          Four Seasons
          1071 Fernwood Glendale Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29307

          1. re: slotmansc

            Yeah, I've been thinking that it may be Bangkok Cafe or bust. It's already hard enough finding a place in Spartanburg, but the fact that we'll be there on a Sunday night makes it even worse. Maybe we'll just drive to Greenville.