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ISO birthday catering and cake for delivery

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Hi- Planning hubby's 50th OTH/funeral/Halloween Bday party (he's an undertaker with Halloween Bday)......researching for catering (deli platters, appetizer, veggies, possible hot meats, sides-- a simple dinner family buffet type) that can be delivered.

As well, looking for bakery suggestions to do several cakes (I have pix of what interested in) that would deliver on a Saturday late afternoon-

I don't mind if it's a home catering company as long as reliable....looking at 50-75 people, have budget of 1,000 (possibly a little higher for right options)..any suggestions greatly appreciated. Please email at mortuarygirlz@yahoo.com


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  1. Since most restaurants/bakeries offering delivery service have a radius within which they make deliveries, you'll likely get some responses if you tell us where you live.

    1. If you are in NoVa, Amphora Catering does a nice job. I have used them for corporate and private events and they have been consistently good. They have really good cakes and cheesecakes. Delivery was only $25.


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        I haven't had very good luck with Amphora. Stale cakes and late deliveries. Very disappointing.