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May 24, 2010 09:40 PM

Bahn Mi in San Fernando Valley

I am looking for somewhere to get a good bahn mi in the valley. Any thoughts?

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  1. I like Sandwich Express on Sherman Way in Reseda. Their BBQ pork bahn mi is very good. Good freshly baked bread, lots of pickles and cilantro.

    Sandwich Express
    18575 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA 91335

    1. Hello, PD Girl.
      Here is a previous Chow post that might be of interest:

      I highly recommend Sandwich Express.
      No, it is not the best banh mi in Southern California, but it is quite good if you don't want to travel to the San Gabriel Valley or Westminster. Also, the owner is extremely nice. Usually they have interesting "serve yourself" soft yogurt flavors, so save some room!

      Sandwich Express
      18575 Sherman Way in Reseda
      Just west of Reseda Blvd.

      1. Sandwich Express is good, especially the bread, but I prefer the fillings at La Baguette on Reseda, a few blocks away. I think their BBQ pork is superior and love the flavor of their pickled veggies.

        La Baguette
        7245 1/2 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335

        1. another vote for Sandwich Express.

          and i gotta know where they get their jalapenos from, because they are hotter than any others i have ever had. my last 3 sandwiches from there were fireballs!! (in a good way, because i hate weak jalapenos)

          i usually get the grilled pork. i tried the Saigon, but didn't care for it. i just can't deal with cold pork, i think. next i want to try their fried egg one. i think that would be delightful.

          but it's also a good location, parking is easy, the building isn't cramped and overly crowded and they have clean tables.

          Sandwich Express
          1700 E Garry Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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            Jelly, you've really got to try the fried egg sandwich at Sandwich Express. The fried egg really compliments the pate in the sandwich. It's to die for.

            Sandwich Express
            1700 E Garry Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705