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That leftover egg and breadcrumbs?

Every time I do the flour, egg, breadcrumb routine, I end up with beaten egg, breadcrumbs and flour that I throw out. I am a thrifty type, and would like to know if there is some use for this stuff. Do you throw it out, or use it some way?

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  1. Depends on what you are doing with it. Are you dipping fish in eggs then breadcrubs?

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      Fish, chicken, oysters come to mind.

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        Ok, I asked because of the possible cross-contamination issue. You don't want to have this stuff hanging around in the fridge breeding cooties or something.

        Anyway, the meatloaf suggestion was a good one from goodhealtgourmet. Anything of that sort, hamburgers, meatballs.

        You might just check out what is in your frind veggie-wise and use to breadcrumb it and serve it with the main cours ... like somer squahsh, fried tomatoes, with chicken.

        For seafood, with a can of crab, you could make crabcake.

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          OK so maybe when you cost it out, you have 10-100 cents of left-over perhaps cross contaminated *stuff*. Let's mix this with a $5 can of crab! Yeah that's thrifty! But wait, since you weren't planning to have that crabcake, can you now freeze it?!? let's see energy costs of freezing, storage materials and TaDa! what do I make with leftover crabcakes I made because I had leftover egg and breadcrumb? Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!

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            OK, then croquettes or patties. You can use canned tuna or salmon and I seen no reason they can't be frozen.

            Mac and cheese patties ... if you also have soe leftover mac and cheese

            Rice and bacon patties

            The croquette possibilites are endless and good to use up whatever else you have leftover

            Leftover pho ... pho croquetes

            I include this only for inspiration ... croquettes are a great way use use up leftover herbs and bits of onions and such

            Fried bowtie pasta?

            There's always mixing it into the dog or cat food if you have a pet.

            Why be wastefull?

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              Compost!!!!! That's the ticket! For those who cannot waste a tiny food crap!. bake it into bird biscuits! Wild birds will love it!

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                I compost. It's great for the garden -- essential for my adobe clay -- and it also, as you point out, stops the guilt in its tracks when there's a little something left over or something that went past its prime.

                I absolutely applaud thrift and invention but food -- if we can afford it -- should be a pleasure not a sentence.

    2. i guess you could plan to make meat loaf at the same time and use it as a binder....

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      1. What we did growing up, since breading stuff was such a *cool* kid thing to help Mom with, was to make tiny patties of the leftovers and giggle and snack on them, cooked of course. Now I realize it helped Mom gauge the temp of the pan, and made something special of a throw a way.

        Depending on your lifestyle, a tad of leftover egg and breadcrumb is pretty minimal,toss it. You will ultimately spend much more in the long run "being thrifty" with it. If you are constantly having alot of leftovers, then you can get thrifty knowing you start with too much and cut back.

        1. I have fond memories of my grandmother mixing the egg and crumbs together, seasoning it, and frying it to make pancakes for us kids. We thought it was the best part of the meal!

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            My mother would do the same thing. Frugal days...

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              My mother used to have a name for this concoction........sounded like "Beeshaloava". I have no idea how to spell it. Must have been an Italian name for it. Did your grandmother have a name for it? We used to fight for a piece of it, it was so tasty, as she added grated cheese to it . I still make it today for my family when I bread chicken cutlets.

              1. re: Michi412

                We just call it "The Patty" or "The Thing." My breadcrumb coatings usually have a good bit of parmesan cheese in them so they're already highly flavored. I picked up the habit from The Spouse who must have picked it up from the MIL.

                And if nobody's interested in The Thing I just toss it in compost.

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                  my grandmother called them pogachos. i have no idea where that name came from.
                  She also made something called suffalotties.
                  It is a mixture of German knockwurst cut in chunks and soaked in a vinegar mixture with tomatoes, green peppers, onion, maybe some cukes, i'm not sure. it was a cold summer salad. She put it in one of those savory roasters to soak for i have no idea how long before serving. But, it was really good, all those summer garden foods put together.YUM GRAMMA

              2. I have the same dilemma sometimes, and hate to dump the stuff, but I always toss the remaining egg, or scramble it for my cats. If I have leftover breading items in any saveable quantity, I put it into containers and store in the freezer. I've wittled down the amount I use, and add to it if I need, rather than start with a large quantity, so there's not usually much left over. Start with a smaller quantity and see if that cuts back on waste, if you haven't already.

                About the only thing I bread to fry these days is eggplant or other vegetables and the occasional chicken breasts or shrimp, at which point I dump the breading to avoid the cross-contam issue, and try not to feel guilty.

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                  Mom mixed the crumbs and egg together and fried it in the grease from the pork chops. It was only a couple of mouthfuls since she didn't beat more egg than she'd need. Either of us would eat it on the spot, but once we got a dog, it became HER treat.

                2. depends upon what you're serving obviously, but i've thrown the egg in the pan (beaten with a little milk and seasoning), cooking the egg almost through, then top with bread crumbs and fold over.... you can refrigerate this "omelette" or freeze it and reheat in toaster...

                  1. If you added some spinach and cheese, and made into fried patties, you'd have a nice side dish. I make these with fresh ingredients, but now will keep in mind for when I'm breading.

                    When I do eggplant parmigiana, I purposely use twice as many eggs for the dip and drizzle the leftover in the middle of the casserole, it puffs up like a souffle. I do add heavy cream and parmesan to it initially.

                    1. Does anyone know what the leftover egg and breadcrumbs with added parmesan cheese, and formed into patties was called? My mother always made it for us and she had an Italian name for it.

                      1. No need to throw it away OR store it...
                        My grandma used to combine the eggs and crumbs forming a semi loose batter, and fry up flattened dollops of the stuff in some oil. We'd then enjoy them as a treat, spread with some apricot jam.
                        I still do this on those rare occasions when I make breaded/fried foods, and it's still a real treat. Doesn't even matter if the breadcrumgs are plain or seasoned, but at least a bit of salt and black pepper in there is nice and it plays well wih the jam.

                        1. I thought I was thrifty but you folks have me beat. Flour and crumbs and half a leftover egg are all pretty cheap. I've been tossing them.

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                            I'm with you. I mix it all together, fry it up and give it to the dog. She seems to enjoy it.

                          2. In our house, we mix the egg and breadcrumbs together and fry it like a pattie in oil. Yum!

                            1. I find the idea of eating the egg after having a raw protein in it fascinating. I have always taken the opposite approach. Crack the egg, whisk with a fork, pour half the egg into a small container, pour as few breadcrumbs as I think I can get away with and then make dinner. The next time I make a quiche, omelette, or scrambled eggs I throw in my extra egg bit.

                              Does the egg really get warm enough when making these pancakes to kill something the stuff that lives on chicken and pork?

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                              1. re: smtucker

                                Well, you can read the words of a lot of folks who ate this with no ill effects! So, I guess yes, the heat kills the bad stuff.
                                I asked the question last May and just now noticed the activity. New ideas! Thanks, folks.

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                                  I usually have leftover seasoned flour as well. Could you mix that with the egg and breadcrumbs to make those patties you mentioned? My mum used to make zucchini fritters using the leftovers added to the ingredients. It was pre-planned so we always had fritters and schnitzel. We loved it :)

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                                      Yes, you can!!! Just make sure you have it seasoned well.

                                2. mixing it all together and then frying it into croquettes/dumplings/fritters/etc would be called making hushpuppies in some parts of the world.

                                  If you were to go all uptown and citified you'd add some minced onion and a little baking powder to make them rise.

                                  1. My mother used to call this Frasia...(fra-zaa). I have no idea how to spell it and have been looking how to make it. Without a name, I had to find ingredients and it actually came up!

                                    She used to combine it all after breading chicken or pork chops and it was awesome! We never got sick or even thought about cross contamination or anything. I imagine the heat killed anything anyways.

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                                    1. re: myitalianmama

                                      Yes!!!! My mother also called it that name also.....in addition to the longer name I posted earlier. It's wonderful to know that you also had the same loving memories of an Italian mother that loved to cook.