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May 24, 2010 05:05 PM

thistle hill tavern?-south slope

anyone been yet?

Thistle Hill Tavern
441 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. NOBODY'S been there yet. It's too crowded.

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    1. re: MRich

      I've been there and was very impressed. We were a party of 3 on a Thursday evening a couple of weeks ago and we had a half hour wait at 9pm. Highlights were the pork belly, the mussels and the scallops. Also a very nice beer and wine by the glass selection.

    2. I've been twice now and it's fantastic. Sat outside the first night, a Thursday, and had a leisurely small meal that I thoroughly enjoyed: zucchini pancakes, green pea felafel, hamburger with amazing crispy thick fries, and a citrusy Patron cocktail. Second visit was last night with a larger group and it was even more amazing. The staff was attentive and mellow in spite of a packed house: spectacular goat cheese to start, market salad, zucchini gratin, a buttermilk cake for dessert and another Patron cocktail. You've got to try this place!!

      1. I've eaten there 3 times since they've opened and each time they fail to cook a burger medium rare, it always comes medium. The last time, I asked for it rare and it came medium. The burger and the fries are excellent, if you like your meat cooked medium. I like the brioche bun and homemade ketchup.

        The spicy pickles are a complete bore. I would completely avoid them. The gnocchi were burnt.

        The scallops are delicious and perfectly cooked, as are the pea falafel. Really excellent vegetarian options.

        The buttermilk cake was too salty and all in all I found the dessert offerings unappealing.

        Great potential but very inconsistent. Perhaps better now if they've been sorting out the kinks.

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        1. re: Pookipichu

          I have to be the dissenter and say we were terribly disappointed in our meal there. First, as noted, the burger ordered medium rare came well-done. My husband also said it "tasted terrible" but I didn't believe him--but he was right, it had the consistency and taste of was hands-down the worst burger we've ever had, and at $15 (with cheese) also the most expensive in the slope. We actually sent it back and had it replaced (due to the cooking temp issue) and while it came out a bit rarer the 2nd time (more medium than medium rare) it still tasted awful. The fries were very good though. But my husband could barely force himself to eat the burger.

          I had ordered the duck confit and while it was falling off the bone, it was way too salty and the salad it came with was way over-oiled, so the whole plate was just drowning in oil.

          The best item was the beet salad--the salad itself nothing too exciting but the gorgonzola croutons were out of this world, I could have eaten a whole plate of those (deep fried chunks of gorgonzola.)

          We were also surprised at the paucity of beer selection, and uninspired choices, given its a claim as a tavern...

          Given the prices here, and the food quality we experienced, I doubt we'll give it a second chance.

        2. After hearing some negative things, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. Portions aren't humongous, but certainly adequate. I really enjoyed their mac and cheese with pancetta. One thing I can say is I think many of their items are probably overpriced by a couple of dollars. And I can see some people finding it overcrowded and loud. But food was good and service friendly.

          1. its been a while since we've been there because each of the several times we left thinking that, while the food was somewhere between really good and just okay, the value offered was just not there.

            i really liked the octopus dish with romesco, grilled seasonal vegetables (had some great grilled dragon tongue beans there last summer) but it wont ever be on our go-to list unless we win the lottery or get serious promotions.

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            1. re: tex.s.toast

              We actually did give it a second chance (after my initial negative review above) and I have to say our impression didn't change. We were still underwhelmed, and really didn't like anything we had enough to justify the price. Still don't quite understand why this place is so popular.

              1. re: jinx

                What did you have there that you didn't like? I had the mac and cheese, octopus, fries, falafel, and pork belly. I 100% concur with some of the posters on this thread that the place is overpriced for the portions they give. But I thought the food was prepared well.

                I didn't try the burger. But I will have to say that I haven't found a place in PS that actually cooks my burgers medium rare as I request. It's always medium -- wondering if it's because the quality of meat isn't up to par. I haven't tried the popular Bonnie's yet.

                1. re: Miss Needle

                  try Double Windsor or Ptit Paris, both on PPW, both with really good burgers, and cooked appropriately. have had a pretty good burger at 12th st Bar as well.

                  12th Street Bar & Grill
                  1123 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                  The Double Windsor
                  210 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                  Le P'tit Paris
                  256 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                  1. re: jimmyjazz

                    Thanks for the recs, but I actually was at 12th Street Bar and Grill on Sunday. Ordered my burger medium rare. Came out medium to medium-well.