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May 24, 2010 05:04 PM

kevin's thyme?

anyone been to kevin's thyme in ho ho kus (bergen county)? looks cute but the menu on their website has no prices (which always makes me a little nervous) - what's the average dinner entree price? thanks.

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  1. I went there sometime in February and remember the prices being somwhere between 20-30$ for entrees...Have to say, I wasn't all that impressed and wouldn't return.

    1. never, ever understood why a restaurant would put up a website, and then decide not to list the prices of their menu items. Baffles the mind. For me, it is a signal to pass on that particular place. just my honest opinion...

      1. It's being reviewed in Friday's Record. It serves traditional dinners only Friday and Saturday. Off the top of my head, appetizers were about $10 and entrees about $20, with the occasional $30 steak. Even with dessert, a table of two can get out of there for about $75.