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May 24, 2010 05:01 PM

Houston restaurants with draft root beer?

Being a root beer fanatic, nothing satisfies like a good draft (preferably house-made) root beer. One of the things I loved about Gordon Biersch (besides the garlic fries) was their house root beer. Low carbonation, served chilled but not ice cold. Perfect!

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  1. There is the A&W "restaurants". There are several in Houston. Food is OK, just fast food. Root beer is OK but it is draft. I am not sure if all locations have it on draft.

    Saint Arnold's is good from the bottle and great from the tap when I have had it. I see BRC Gastropub has it on tap. I haven't been yet. Looks like the food will be good.

    I have never had it but BJ's Restaurants has their root beer on tap.

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    1. re: TexasJeep

      Thanks for the recommendations. I tried BRC today. The root beer was indeed good but grossly overpriced ($3 no refills). I didn't like the burger either.

      I found another place called Two Rows Classic Grille claiming to have "handcrafted root beer". It is, apparently, the only brew pub operating anywhere in Houston. They said they run their root beer through their CO2 gun so it probably won't be as good as draft.

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        Just to warn you if the price matters, the Saucer and G-Man both charge at least $2.50, $3 for a pint of draft St Arnold/Abita root beer (if they do have it).

    2. Go to the Abita website and search for places serving their root beer. It won't break it down whether it's draft or bottled but if there are places you're interested in, you could call.

      1. You can visit St. Arnolds on Saturday for their Tour and you can have all the root beer on draft you want. The tour is fun and you can bring your own food.

        1. Two Rows' rootbeer is pretty good; personally I think it has declined a bit the last few years, but I still get it fairly often and it's $2.25. Also, if you don't like it, just have a beer - alot of varieties made in-house, and Wednesdays pints are $1 till 10.
          If you're near the village, the Gingerman has St. Arnold's rootbeer on tap running about $3-$3.50.

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            Just out of an uninformed curiosity, are any of these rootbeer's alcoholic? I've never had anything other than A&W, Dad's, I.B.C. and the like.

            1. re: TXStingray

              Saint Arnold and Abita are both non alcoholic. I like them since they're made with cane sugar