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May 24, 2010 04:07 PM

Galicia and Northern Portugal

Volcanic ash cloud permitting, we'll be in Galicia and northern Portugal for 5 nights beginning next week. with my husband's parents. We love tapas and seafood and are eagerly looking forward to our trip

Does anyone have any suggestions for places or markets not to miss in the following areas, we'll be staying at Paradores/Pousadas but we're looking for other meal options to have in hand...

Orense/SANTO ESTEVO (LUINTRA) Mon- Tues evening - we thought while here we'd take a tour along the Ribeira Sacra

Braga and the GerĂªs Wed-Thurs evening

Santiago de Compestela - Fri evening - of course a tour of the cathedral

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
Thank you!

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  1. Ourense is a great little town. The tapas hour is quick, about 8-9:30, the Pulpo bar gas great pulpo, some of the best we had in Galicia. There are about 4-5 little squares, most have 2-3 bars. The market is small but good, kots of Abeulas selling grelos and whatever they can grow.

    1. When you are around Braga try seeking out Restaurante O Victor, in Sao Joao de Rei, on the edge of the Geres east of Braga. Senor Victor is a charming older man who is justly proud of his bacalhau; they are supposed to do a good cabrito assdao (roast goat) too. Here is the website:

      1. Unforgettable shellfish in O'Barazal, on the road from Orense to Pontevedra.

        1. If you do visit Ribeira Sacra, I would suggest a visit to the winery and restaurant Adegas Alguiera one of the best in the region.

          Also O Grelo in Monforte is a good local restaurant with a good selection of local wines.