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May 24, 2010 03:46 PM

Trader Joe's French Village plain cream line yogurt discontinued

I'm still in agony. They keep 50 kinds of non-fat, sweetened yogurt and get rid of their best.
Does anyone know where I can get a similar yogurt (outside of France)?

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  1. Just a hand on your shoulder to turn you in the right direction. When something having to do with yogurt is hard to find, I usually turn to Whole Foods. Every WF store I've visited has a great selection of stuff that falls under that general category.

    1. Whole Foods sells Stonyfield brand whole-fat yogurt, both plain and French vanilla-flavored. There are a couple other brands of whole-fat yogurt, too, but I didn't like them as much as Stonyfield, whose whole-fat yogurt is amazing and FAR better than TJ's. And yes, Stonyfield's version indeed has the same top cream layer; I suspect theirs is what TJ's modeled their version after.

      1. I share your frustration. It's crazy how all the markets stock non-fat but sweetened yogurt and very little whole cream. Gelson's used to carry Strauss whole fat yogurt until very recently and I'm still searching for an alternative. Unfortunately, Whole Foods doesn't carry it either. I'll give Stonyfield a try.

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          Just for the record whatsfordinner, TJ's carries a whole fat plain organic yogurt that is suspiciously similar to Straus. There have been discussions that they are one in the same, but nobody can confirm. I know they have it at the Inland Empire TJ's where my sister lives, so I'm sure they have it in LA. You are in LA, right?

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            Whole Foods carries Strauss. So does Ralph's but they charge a dollar more than WF.

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              I've heard the same about Straus being TJ's brand. Unfortunately, I'm looking for the vanilla and TJ's doesn't carry it!

              1. re: srr

                Totally - Even the labels are similar. Taste the same too. I buy either or, love Strauss, faux or no.

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                  i sawthem unloading boxes of TJ's brand from Strauss boxes!!!1

                  1. re: troyavitia

                    LOL! I knew it!
                    Just had some and really, no different from Strauss from WF except cheaper of course.

              2. ugh! thanks for the heads up. yet ANOTHER trader joe's item we love discontinued. i suppose we eat with the minority. I agree with bulavinaka that one needs to turn to WF when TJ's fail. i second that stoneyfield makes great whole fat yogurt. we feed the yo baby to our toddler and he loves both plain and flavored. the big tubs of full fat is wonderful. if you're at WF you may also find Saint Benoit which comes in small ceramic jars or in bigger mason jars. the flavored kinds are nothing like the over sweetened nonfat crap. it's touch of sweet and big on flavor.

                1. Just for the record, are you talking about the Trader Joe's European Style Smooth & Creamy Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt (that's what it says on my container)? It has been harder to find in my local Trader Joe's in NYC, and I've also been dismayed that it's been discontinued. It is my favorite yogurt in terms of texture and sourness (and price). I get the Stonyfield farm yogurt in a pinch, but it doesn't quite do it. I've started to make my own yogurt using the culture of the TJ stuff, but it's a pain to strain to get it to the right creamy texture. I don't like the other TJ yogurts either, and the Greek yogurts are also good, but doesn't work for me in the same way. I did like the homemade yogurt they sell at C&K (Papa Christo's) on Pico/Normandie better than most others. If I lived in LA, that's probably where I'd be getting my yogurt.

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                    The title of this thread has "French Village plain cream line yogurt" in it, which means the cream-top Stonyfield-type copycat, not the Strauss-brand copycat.

                    1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

                      I guess it must be a regional thing, since I hadn't noticed the French Village version at my local TJs. Not sure what you mean by Strauss-brand copycat. Does the one that I mention exist in LA? Just curious.

                      1. re: E Eto

                        the copycat version of straus exists in LA. even down to the label- red for whole fat and blue for nonfat. the french village line was much more mellow just like stoneyfield.

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                          E Eto: Ah, I see. Well, to be clearer than I was before, the "Straus-brand copycat" (oops I'd misspelled Straus earlier) I mentioned *is* in fact your aforementioned "Trader Joe's European Style Smooth & Creamy Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt." But it is not the yogurt the OP was looking for.

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                            Sorry!! My fault for the off-thread response. I thought by responding to "whatsfordinner" I could just respond to that person. Next time I will just start something new so as not to confuse the readers.