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Good Hollywood Bowl baskets

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Any suggestions for getting good baskets of food for the Hollywood Bowl? Studio City/North Hollywood/Toluca Lake/Beverly Center areas would be easiest.

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  1. This is different from the normal Hollywood Bowl fare.

    I just got got an email from the folks at Mako Restaurant in Beverly Hills. They have a bento box picnic basket to go. 3 tiers of food for two people: one tier of appetizers, one tier of entrees and one tier of desserts. you get to keep the bento box (the presentation in the picture looks really nice) after the event. Worth a call. I think there is a blurb on their website.

    225 S. Beverly Drive
    Beverly Hills, CA

    Link: http://www.makorestaurant.com

    1. Gelson's picnic meals. Go online or call your local Gelson's 48 hers ahead.

      The menu is soooo yummy..it's online

      Link: http://www.gelsons.com/stores/service...

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        I would like to second this recommendation (thanks to Diana). I have taken their lunch picnic basket for 2 twice to the Bowl and it is very good value - the first was the croissant sandwich with black forest ham and swiss cheese, and this week we had the grilled shrimp club sandwich. These are beautifully packaged with two sides (Waldorf salad and a pesto pasta salad), two small dessert items and ranged in price from $14.99 to $18.99. We have not tried their picnic meals which are more expensive. The gourmet lunch bags are perfect sizing for us before the concerts.

      2. not in your neighborhood, but i noticed that clementine is doing picnic baskets for the bowl now and they look so good!

        Link: http://www.clementineonline.com

        1. Susina has wonderful bowl baskets. But I would call ahead (ask for a manager): 323-934-7900

          Link: http://www.susinabakery.com

          1. VERT's food for the bowl is about as good as you can get. A great variety and you get A TON of food as well. I used to go to a number of different places each summer, but now, if I order food and don't bring my own, I simply go to VERT. Give them a try (at Hollywood and Highland)

            1. What about Sweetsalt in Toluca Lake? Their sandwiches are great, and they also have cheeses and other picnic items.

              I just noticed they now have online ordering at http://www.sweetsaltfood.com/

              Sweetsalt Food Shop
              10218 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91602

              1. Whatever my wife is making, and whatever wine is dustiest in our cellar, that I pair it with. That's not helpful, I know. Short of that, I like getting mounds of sushi from Shintaro, the single closest non-hotel restaurant to the Bowl, and my fave in Hollywood.

                Shintaro Restaurant
                1900 N Highland Ave Ste 5, Los Angeles, CA 90068

                1. Michael Voltaggio's new sandwich shop "ink.sack" on Melrose has just opened. Sandwiches run from $4- $6. They have a Beef Tongue Rueben on this menu that sounds great also tuna and fried chicken sandwich that look real good. Here is the menu link:
                  Hours are Wednesday-Sunday 11am to 5pm or till they run out. Perfect for the bowl.

                  8360 Melrose #107
                  Los Angeles, Ca. 90069

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                    Of course everyone here has an RSS for Jonathan Gold... but he's on the case. I wish my tongue liked tongue, but as my Better Palate says, "It tastes back." http://www.laweekly.com/2011-09-01/ea...

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                      The other thing about tongue is that it has already been in somebody's mouth.