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May 24, 2010 02:59 PM

Brunch in YYC and surrounding

I'll start with the disclaimer that I am not a brunch fan - but we hang with a brunch-y crew so...

Had brunch at the Delta Bow Valley yesterday - fairly delish, pretty consistent quality and worth the half price deal that we got. The mini waffles were great the meat quality was mediocre.

Cannot hold a candle to the amazing brunch we get at Banff Park Lodge (but that's a touch of a drive).

Nellies - too much food but their Maple BLT is yummy - never any concerns

Red's the newer place on 4th - fun and funky - prob a new favorite but stay away from the eggs benny with the smoked salmon unless you are comfortable with a strong fishy flavor - I often love smoked salmon and cannot quite put my finger on what was wrong but it was very overpowering

Big Fish on Edmonton Trail - fish in the morning freaks me out I won't lie I avoided it but everyone else was eating it and enjoyed, my meal was good the homemade ketchup was delish but that was the best part of my meal - but I freely admit I didn't partake in what is probably their strongest dishes

A place down in the deep south, not even worth remembering but I have a phobia of suburbia so that may have tainted my opinion

Gosh I'm sure there is more but I would have to say Red's is my current fav in YYC for Breakfast foods - love the atmosphere! And Banff Park Lodge for buffet style brunch (yes I know it's not YYC) and if I'm gonna include Banff I have to give a nod to Coyotes and their stuffed french toast - YUM. So Chowhounders where should we hit up next? I'm sure you will all mention Cora's - coming from the East I've had Cora's a million times, no problems with it but I'm NOT waiting in lineup for hours to eat it!! And I cannot get the fellow brunchers out of bed early enough to avoid the lineup

Big Fish
1112 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3K4, CA

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  1. We have a big extended family so we do brunch fairly often. Favorites are: The Palliser - expensive but excellent quality and service; Banff Springs Hotel; for something different and romantic when just the two of us get away is the Chateau Lake Louise.

    The Hyatt has a nice, basic with many breakfast favorites; we havn't gone for a while now, but last year it was still really good.

    We also love The Chuckwagon in Turner Valley (not in Calgary but if y ou're including Banff ;o)) Fantastic breakfasts and it's nice to tack on an afternoon in K country after. Go early or go later (around 1:00 pm) as it can get super busy in the summer.

    Banff Park Lodge is pretty good -- I find their strong point is desserts, I found the few times we went the food was oversalted.

    Home Food Inn has a dim sum and Chinese food lunch buffett on the weekends. Cheap and Cheerful; The kids love it, and the dim sum is quite good, all the main favorites are there. The Chinese food looked a little tired and I wonder if its leftover from the day before, but can't confirm that. However it's not crowded and the kids can run around.

    Chuckwagon Cafe
    105 Sunset Blvd, Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0, CA

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    1. re: sweeterpea

      YMMV, but I didn't like the Chuckwagon. The flatiron steak eggs benedict was recommended here, but there was very little steak, and the whole thing was covered in about 3 cups of gloopy, eggy hollondaise sauce. It was paired with dry fried potatoes, like you might get at Nellie's. Maybe save this place for when you have a hangover.

      I did see one customer leave on a horse that was hitched outside. That was neat.

      Chuckwagon Cafe
      105 Sunset Blvd, Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0, CA

      1. re: 23skidoo

        That's too bad. My experience has been quite the opposite and we go at least once a month. Maybe you hit it on a bad day.

    2. We had brunch at the Northland Cheesecake Cafe on Saturday and it was good. The service was excellent but the place wasn't very full. I had smoked salmon eggs benny and husband had traditional bennies. The sauce looked suspiciously pink when it came so I tasted a little on its own. It was quite spicy but when eaten with the eggs it was really good. The eggs were cooked perfectly.

      The only downside were the potatoes; some sort of orange-ish mashed potatoes. I think mashed with cheese. I didn't bother with them and I saw a lot of plates being bussed with leftover potatoes. Even my husband who likes mashed didn't eat all of his.

      The eggs benny were $11-12 and came with potatoes and enough melon and pineapple to quality as almost a salad rather than a garnish. I couldn't help but think of the silly people lined up at Cora's.

      1. Brunch at the Ranche in fish creek park is very good, they only serve it on Sundays and I suggest reservations.

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          I will second the Ranche, We went the weekend of the 15th. Food was outstanding! I hadn't been in a while and I was pretty sure the food and service would still be impecable...which they were...but what really struck me were the prices. Extremely fair and on par. We had reservations...but it was not crowded or full. The drive is worth it for the quality food/service and the scenery.
          I also understand that Giuseppe's is doing brunch on the weekends. I love their pizza so plan on giving Brunch a try soon.

        2. I forgot to add the River Cafe. We like going there in the winter, so pretty in the park with the snow.

          Priddis Greens had a very nice brunch when we went last year. Also a beautiful drive out during nice weather.

          1. My favorite brunch is in Canmore at Chez Francois. I love the eggs benny there. The holandaise is just right and not the least bit gloopy. I went for the "ladies combo" last time with one egg benny and 2 raspberry crepes. The crepes were awesome but in the end I would have rather have had the 2 eggs bennies instead. Definitely worth the drive & double definitely worth the stop if you are passing by.