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May 24, 2010 01:57 PM

Napa Valley Grille (Westwood)

We had DS' graduation luncheon there on Friday and it was wonderful.

DD had fava bean agnolotti, and DS had the salmon and both loved it. I had the grilled chicken cobb salad which is hard to mess up (although it can be done)

I was most impressed with the courtesy and service. They had printed up menus for our party with my son's name and congratulations on his graduation from law school printed across the top.

I don't drink wine, but the wine drinkers at our table know what they like and they were pleased. DS also had a beer, Allagash (I think) which he greatly enjoyed.

They started with good focaccia and hummus, and the service was spot on for a group of 11, evenyone's lunch arrived at the same time, etc.

Also, our reservation was for 2:30 and I had some trepidation because the kitchen closes at 3 but they accommodated us in every way.

I would highly recommend for such an event.

Napa Valley Grille
1100 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024

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  1. I agree. Always been impressed with NVG although it always appears to be quite empty (possibly a bit overpriced for the area). Usually split a charcuterie and cheese plate and maybe another app or two in the bar area with a few nice glasses of vino.

    I'm curious what others would think as comparable or better for an up-scale bite in that immediate area of Westwood.

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    1. re: LATrapp

      There are really no comparable places in the Village. But I cannot understand why the Tavistock Group that owns the place does not remodel it and make it a little less like your grandma's favorite restaurant.
      Food and service have always been fine enough, and while I realize the suits in the nearby towers provide the lunch biz, why have it look so yesterday?
      About the only other place to eat in the Village at all would be Tanino on Westwood Blvd., yet hardly comparable, but you get the picture...

      1043 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

    2. We had a great dinner here this past Friday. We got a late start, it was the beginning of the Labor Day weekend, all of our usual places were packed to the gills, so we ended up - somehow or another - in Westwood Village. Westwood Village is usually completely off of our weekend radar because our affinity with crowds is like Sarah Palin's affinity with reality, but the Village was practically a ghost town at 9PM. We walked right into NVG, were given a pretty wide range of choices for seating (not even 1/4-full), and felt like royalty.

      I felt we scored right off the bat because Michelle, the hostess, was very cordial and helpful, and Jason, our waiter, was very knowledgeable and well-versed with both the food and wines that would pair well. We ordered up a dozen oysters, some small plates, a few seafood entrees, a couple of great wine pairing and flights, and gilded the lily with dessert.

      We felt this place has really stepped up their offerings because unlike NGV's chefs in the past, the current chef focuses on solid ingredients with minimal intervention. Coupling this with the vast wine list and a very knowledgeable waiter, it's really a dream-team combination. We've been hitting up some bistro-like places over the past four months, and I have to say that this was the biggest surprise for us so far. And aside from the dining room that is a little more glam than we usually like, the dining experience does resemble what one gets up in the Wine Country's eateries - strong focus on ingredients that is wine-friendly.

      1. Glad the food is good, but what a horrible name for the place. Sounds like a cheesy hotel restaurant at the Omaha Ramada Inn, or an airport concession that sells a cold, cellophane-wrapped chicken sandwich for $13.95.

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        1. re: OC Mutt

          Yeah, it's kinda generic/out of a box for a name, but if one can get past that, it's a pretty solid place for food and wine...

        2. Maybe I had bad luck when I sat in the bar area, but I was disappointed with NVG. I just wanted a slad, so I ordered the asparagus salad that was supposed to come with a poached egg. It was a poached yolk! And when I complained, they made excuses and said that's how the egg is always made. No effort to make it right. So I ate it and contemplated cutting my losses and going elsewhere for the rest of my meal. Instead I ended up trying a different salad - the chopped kale salad which was pretty good, but not enough for me to return. Worst $40 I've ever spent on a meal. I wasn't even served bread.

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          1. re: fooodie

            Hard to imagine a poached yolk. Was it just a poached egg not made in a form, so the white was sort of stringy and thin?

            1. re: coffeebrownies

              maybe an older egg that the white didn't coagulate properly and just a small amount of white was left?

              I returned a poached egg dish 3x at LGO (now M st kitchen)!

            2. re: fooodie

              gee, that surprises me.
              tavistock group also owns cafe del rey.
              the asparagus salad with poached egg that i have ordered MANY times at cafe del rey, always had a whole poached egg.
              it is part of the 3-course brunch menu, but if i sit in the lounge area they will happily serve it to me a la carte. if asked, they will always bring baked goods to accompany. have never been charged an upcharge for the bakery items.

              (this is in stark contrast to westside tavern which likes to charge extra for bread).

              N.B. i don't remember this item being offered during the week, only available on weekends

              1. re: fooodie

                Here's a picture of the egg. As you can see mostly yolk, which was completely overcooked as well. Not at all runny. It probably was an old egg, but isn't the NVG's focus farm to table? And when I complained, they only made excuses and they did not offer to replace it or anything. I'd be embarrased to serve this to a guest at my house, let alone a restaurant.

              2. NINETHIRTY in the W Hotel is very good and a fun scene.