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May 24, 2010 01:00 PM

Laloux/Pops and general questions

A couple weeks ago I asked about restaurants in Montreal with good bars and found out that isn't such a strong point there. We're going to APDC Thurs. nite and I made a reservation for 9:30 at Laloux on Fri. I wondered if Fri. had any advantage over Sat. Is the full Laloux experience worth it rather than just hanging at Pops which might be more fun? And are reservations in general needed so far in advance? Sounded like Laloux was pretty open when I called last Sat.

Are the bars at the St. Sulpice or Nelligan good? Do people have thoughts on any of the following bars/clubs (keeping in mind that we like both fancy cocktails and dive bars with rock music and maybe happy hour)? Thanks.

Assommoir†: 112 Bernard O, 211 Notre-Dame,;
Baldwin Barmacie*: 115 Laurier W., creative cocktails, open til 3AM, 5-7 happy hour
Gogo Lounge: 3682 St Laurent,
Jello Bar*: 151 Ontario E. by St. L.,
Lodge Taverne: 3612 St-Laurent, martini bar
Lola Lounge: 1023 Bleury,
Salon Officiel: 351 Roy Est, 4-8 every day,
Suite 701†: 701 Côte De La Place D'Armes (hotel), M Place D'Armes; 5-7
Vinyl Lounge: 2109 Bleury, patio,

Baldwin Barmacie
115 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montr, Montreal, QC , CA

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  1. St-Sulpice is a frat-boy/girl and suburban playground and cheap beer oriented, you go there for the terrasse in the back... it's nice for what it is, as for "drinks" don't expect more than a gin'n'tonic (and that's probably exotic in their eyes)

    Pop is the little sister of Laloux, I don't know if they will serve the full restaurant menu there, you'd better ask them, but from my experience, what they served at the bar was good.


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    1. re: Maximilien

      I think we'll have a pre drink (and maybe a bite) at Pop and full fancy dinner at Laloux. And I meant the bar at the St. Sulpice Hotel. I think there's another St. Sulpice on St. Denis, no? Which I did read had a nice patio but the rest of it didn't sound great. Do you really have to kind of dress up for Suite 701 and Assomoir during 5-7 time? I suppose that's when all the well dressed work people are there. I actually had Le Lab on my list but no extra notes, will take a look.

      Celfie: You said Vinyl was the odd man out which would be fine altho not if it's all "kids". Any funky rock-oriented bars that are fun, decent and not all 21 years old? What's Pub Quartier Latin on Ontario E like?

      And I see a bunch of restaurants on St. Laurent that were "happening" when I last visited 7 years ago are still there. Do people like anything on that drag? Bueno Notte, Cafeteria, Globe, Maestro, Med, Primadonna, Shed? Thanks.

      1. re: Joanie

        Yeah, St. Sulpice Hotel is different than "Le St-Sulpice" on St-Denis ! sorry 'bout that!

        The Suite 701 and Assommoir (old-mtl) is a hang-out for the younger business crowd of the area, that why one might feel under-dressed if one is on vacation and go there in shorts and slacks. (but I think it a bit less "fancy" at L'assommoir)

        On St-Laurent : The Shed has closed and was replaced by an "irish" pub (gasp!), all of the other places are still there; I can't really comment on the food, since I've not been there; but a little bit up, there's "La Porte" which is nice.


    2. vinyl is the odd one out. it is a seedy bar where cool kids go to dance. it's fun but no yuppy vibe.

      1. Suite 701 (and the roof top terrasse) is quite nice, but depending when you go, it will be swarmed by twenty-something lawyers and business (wo)men. been there once or twice and can be hectic when sunny and warm; dress to impress or get a power-suit/dress

        Baldwin is nice and a bit "off" centered so you get mostly people from around the area (who do not want to go to Dieu du Ciel).

        Assomoir (the one in Old Montreal) : see suite 701 for the ambience, but they are a real mixologist kind of bar, but at some point when it's really crowdy, you drinks take some time to come; the one on Bernard St is more neighborhood-ish.

        Another one for you to look for is "Le Lab" (1351 rue Rachel Est) but I've got no experience on that one.


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        1. re: Maximilien

          I've been to Le Lab a few times and it is a pretty interesting place if you are into trying new and interesting cocktails. They are not cheap though with most being $10 each. But this is the kind of place where the bartender would grow his own herbs to use in the drinks. There is usually a bit of flair bartending going on too.

          The crowd is pretty diverse too. Sometimes it'll be fairly full on a Friday and then sometimes there are four other people in the bar on a Saturday night. But i haven't been in the summer yet so i'm sure it will be fuller than on those cold winter nights.

          1. re: blond_america

            I'd also recommend distillerie which is on ontario/sanguinet. I think there's another one which is supposed to be bigger but I can't remember exactly where it is. The drinks are expensive but come in big mason jars and are pretty strong (they said 4 shots for the big mason jars and 2 for the smaller ones?). It's a small place though so if you've got a large group you'd probably have to wait a bit.

        2. Great pâté. ordered the beef strip sirloin, creamy polenta, green bean salad and roasted tomatoes. I ordered my steak blue, but it came medium well. Still tasted good. Wine pairing was not great. deserts were awesome.