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May 24, 2010 12:36 PM

Where to eat in Cape Breton and along road to Halifax

We will be staying in Ingonish for a couple of days and would like some recommendations in or nearby for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Our road trip is basically from the Halifax airport to Cape Breton and we will need sustenance along the way, probably lunch and always open to dessert if there's someplace really good. We will also drive around the Cabot Trail so let me know if there is someplace we must not miss. Many thanks for all hound insights.

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  1. The a la carte menu at Ming's in New Glasgow is amazing for lunch or dinner. Not sure what days or times, but the buffet is also a local favourite and a great value. They've been there for over 30 years!
    Not sure where you're flying (?) in from, but the "Chinese-Canadian" and "Canadian" food at Ming's is NOT what people usually tend to associate with "Chinese food" out west or "Canadian food" in non-white joints. In other words, everything is made from scratch. One of the waitresses told me they hand-dip every chicken ball and grow their own organic bean sprouts! The fish and chips are also amazing... which, i guess, is odd for a place called Ming's.

    1. Well, I can tell you one to avoid, despite the plethora of signage along the highway touting it as great food: Mother Webb's .

      You can also try for the 2010 culinary guide.

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        Ming's sounds like a wonderful choice to stop en-route. I looked at the website but it was of limited help because it doesn't have reviews but it does list some restaurants on Cape Breton Island. Still hoping some hounds out there can come up with some places near Ingonish. Help me, please!

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          Eep! I haven't been to Mother Webb's since going to the Snow Queen as a kid! It wasn't good then either :S

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            After leaving Halifax, nothing to really write about untill Antigonish. If you are having lunch both the Dragonfly Cafe or Sunshine on Main wold be great. If its later and you want diner either Gabrieau's Bistro or Alcove Bistro And Lounge would be great. You wouldn't be disapointed with either.
            If you get to Port Hawkesbury there is a great place called Fleur de Lis, great for brunch or lunch. It is in a strip mall, but don't let that throw you off.
            Another spot on you way to Baddeck is called the Herring Choker, a cool little spot. great fo lunch as well.
            If you could only stop at one spot go to The Red Shoe Pub, in Mabou. The food is good but amazing atmosphere, you will not want to leave.
            The Glennora Distillary is good as well, beautiful spot. The dining room can be expensive, but it is nice.
            There are other nice spots around, but these stand out.

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              Super answer, Montel. Thanks!