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May 24, 2010 12:35 PM

Philly for less than 1 day and I have never been

Amazingly, i have never made a trek to Philly. I have passed through more than a dozen times, but have never stopped and gone there. Well, this Saturday I am and i need recs. Of couse, I will go for cheesteaks, but what else? i believe we are going to make a stop at the 9th street italian market. I will be there from about 11a-7p. What can i pack in? Looking for food that you can only get in Philly. Unique pizza, sandwiches and anything else.


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  1. If you are going to the 9th Street market area for your cheesesteak, please go to George's on 9th Street just south of Christian on the right hand side. Walk down and get a pic of yourself at Geno's/Pat's but please skip their steaks. Sarcones hoagies are great 9th above Christian at Fitzwater. Old school italian red gravy at Villa D'Roma. Tacos at Taquitos del Peubla on 9th south of Washington. Mozarella from Claudio's or from Mancuso's if you go that far - go that far - the East Passyunk shopping district is awesome. Check out Green Isle Grocery for lots of local products - most not available elsewhere - sauces and condiments from various restaurants for example.
    Better than a cheesesteak is a roast pork sandwich but you'd need to hit the Reading Terminal Market for that on a Saturday (George's might be OK - but I am not sure. ) OH! and try Paesano's on the corner of 9th and Christian - their Roast pork is entirely different than phila's traditional roast pork but it is awesome as are most of their sandwiches!

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      Awesome list. George's, not the one on the corner at 9th & Christian but a bit further down 9th towards Washington, makes very good Roast Pork. Paesano's is probably better tho. If you go to George's or elsewhere for pork, order with greens (broccoli rabe if they have it, spinach otherwise) and sharp provolone.

      You might try the tomato pie at Sarcone's Bakery (just down the block from the deli with the hoagies). This is a Philly/NJ bakery thing; it's kind of like cold sicilian pizza without the cheese. Sarcone's Bakery has some of the best in the area, and it won't fill you up.

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        Thaks to both of you. This is great. I love tomato pies (been to Delorenzo's in Trenton) and will definitely check out all of these places (if my stomach lets me).

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          Though the name is the same, the tomato pie talked about above is not anything like the Trenton Tomato pie you have had at DeLorenzos. This variety is square, usually served cold, and is cheeseless. The simplest variety is crust, tomatoes, sprinkle of oregano, and parmesan. Definitely worth trying, but don't expect the thin crisp garlicy experience you get at DeLorenzos.

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        I had a cheesesteak from George's and it was superb! I was also only in Philly for a short amount of time.

      3. Reading Terminal is a must. It is a local treasure. I would recommend that you have lunch/brunch there when you get into town.

        1. I adore Reading Terminal Market. I never go to Philadelphia without a stop there.
          We once really enjoyed the bus tour which begins close to the Market. It transports you past many foodie destinations, not just the historic sites, and you can hop on and off as you wish. Philadelphia is a very walkable city though. On my last visit to the museum I walked around and found a restaurant with tables by the street so I just took a seat and had the most wonderful lunch but I don't even know the name of the place. The trail around the Schuylkill is quite beautiful for walking but the streets are nice also. The view of the city from the top of the Rocky Steps at the Museum of Art is amazing.
          I hope you enjoy your day. My plan for my next visit to the city is lunch at an outside table at a restaurant which overlooks the Schuylkill. It is called Waterworks. I cannot wait!

          1. I would not miss Bassetts Ice cream at the Reading Terminal Market

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              Or the pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place either if you get there early enough...

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                bluehensfan, I have met you before on the Philadelphia Board.
                I posted this here but it was moved to Home Cooking, which makes sense. Mr. Food was at The Dutch Eating Place and DiNic's. I thought you might like to see it.

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                  Thanks for the post. I wonder how well the recipes fare? I know DiNic's adds other "stuff" to their spinach like red pepper flakes (but I never asked...but now maybe I will!)

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                    I have never had brocolli rabe or spinach on a sandwich. So how do you order your DiNic sandwich?

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                      If I am getting pork at DiNic's I get the roast (not pulled) pork with broccoli rabe (or spinach now and then) with provolone and order it "wet" (to get it extra juicy). It's a really good combination with each ingrediant adding something to the mix.

                      I did notice that when DiNic's cooks up their spinach they add some parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes to the mix. No wonder it's so good.

                      Finally, BTW DiNic's has fabulous rare roast beef, but that's another story.