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No more short ribs

Has anyone found a source for the kind of short ribs with the big fat hunk of meat on them? The only kind available now are the bone with no meat.

I could not find them anywhere including Byerly's, whose had a tiny, tiny bit of more meat on them.

I am told it is because meat is no longer sold by carcass and is sold in shrink wrapped sections. Also told there is no money in short ribs so they don't cut them, except for the bone, no meat kind. Apparently that fits into the cutting plan on the carcass. I don't think there are any custom butchers any more because of this.

I love short ribs. Help.

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  1. I just saw some at the Seward Co-op that looked good w/bone. There were some without bone as well, but I didn't really look at the fat content.

    Have you tried Clancey's? You might have to order in advance but I bet they could help you out if you asked.

    1. Are you looking for the short rib meat hunks? I was at Costco the other day and saw a package of boneless short rib meat pieces sold like 6 to a package. If you are looking for short ribs cut along the bone like you might have at a Korean barbeque place, I think that the Korean market up near Hilltop off Central Avenue might have some.

      1. I would love to find the same thing. Everything I find is no more than about 2" thick and even then, half of that thickness is fat and bone.

        I can't find anything close to restaurant quality in stores.

        Maybe Farmer's Markets are the way to go.

        1. I would also expect to find good short ribs at places like United Noodles or Kim's oriental market on Snelling .

          United Noodles
          920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN

          Snelling Cafe
          638 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

          1. Farm in the City at the STP farmers mkt.

            I had given up on decent meaty short ribs. I picked some up 2 weeks ago and I was amazed.

            1. Just saw some nice looking ones at Sam's Club yesterday.

              Say what you will about Sam's Club/Wal-Mart (I do sometimes too...) however they do a lot of cutting right there in the stores.

              1. There is a website called Heritage Farms that specializes in heirloom beef and pork. They have shortribs from Piedmontese cattle. I ordered some and they are HUGE. Tons of meat -- I even made pot roast with them. They ship frozen.

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                  That sounds promising. Could you provide a link, please?

                2. I don't know where you're located but Brother's Meats and Seafood in Maple Grove has them all the time. They will cut them to order too because they are usually between 8 and 12 inches long. I make short ribs about once a month and even though Byerly's is right around the corner I always get the ribs at Brother's.

                  3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN

                  1. By "big fat hunk of meat" how much do you mean? I've recently seen them at St. Paul Whole Foods' meat counter with 2" of meat on one side of the bones.

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                      I used to purchase the WF ones on occasion - they have been really fatty and not worthy. Weidmer's are slightly better. But the Farm in the City ones are outstanding.

                    2. Had some cut at Byerly's in St Louis Park (a little less than 1/2 inch thick and about 10 inches long. They were outstanding. Recipe: Chinese Beef Short Ribs - from Breath of a Wok - by Gracie Young.

                      3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN

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                        Byerly's told me they don't carry them at all (Burnsville). I was told that butchers aren't allowed to cut meat any more except Halal. I know the butcher in Cannon Falls, Lorentz's
                        only has cryo-packaged meat now. And a favorite butcher near Hampton does not sell meat that he slaughters. He buys the meat from the big packing houses.

                        I don't like the taste of grass fed beef. It is too sweet for me. Is Farm in the City grass fed? I assume that most of the places you mentioned are grass fed.

                        1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

                      2. Try Ridgeroll Farms. Their website is http://www.ridgerollfarms.com/index.htm.

                        I've used them for special occasions, and the ribs are fantastic!! It's a drive, but they attend some of the farmers markets in the west metro (MInnetonka). Take a look at their website.

                        And their whole chickens are fantastic as well...

                        1. They always have them at the Wedge. I almost didn't share this because it's almost like my secret supply - they are SO good.

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                            The best kept secret in town is Hackenmueller's Meats in downtown Robbinsdale. Worth the drive wherever you are. Family run and you can watch them work their tails off anytime you're there. The killer is their meat is not only much cheaper, but it's also much, much better than what you can buy at any of the upscale grocery stores. They sell short ribs frozen and they are terrific. Very meaty and less than half the price per pound that Kowalski's charges. Next time I make a Hackenmueller's run I'm going to ask them to cut the shortribs so I can try a Korean recipe. By the way, I bought ducks there several weeks ago and they were one-third the price per pound compared to other grocery stores...for the same brand of Long Island duck. They sell dog bones for a mere $1.27 a pound. And they recognize and welcome the faces of their regular customers. I adore this place! [And so does my dog.]

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                              I'm curious about the ducks - do they list ingredients, or are they just plain ducks? I don't want fuel-injected ones.

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                                They were the Maple Leaf brand. Injected. [I seem to recall there was a 5% number on the package.] But so were the only ducks available at Whole Foods, Kowalski's and Lunds. I decided that (1) I probably couldn't find un-injected ducks unless I was going to spend a fortune; and (2) the old Craig Claiborne recipe I used involved turning the ducks a number of times and that a little injection wouldn't affect the recipe. Which it did not. The Duck a l'Orange recipe from the New New York Times Cookbook. A lot of futzing around because it's a complicated recipe. But I think it's fun and a lot easier now that you can watch videos online on how to professionally section and de-membrane oranges. As always, my guests loved the results.

                                1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

                                  You are on target on the cost. A duck at Clancey's is about forty bucks, and they're small. Delicious, but not cost effective.

                                  1. re: sandylc

                                    Thanks for that info, Sandy. In semi-Freudian fashion, on purpose I did not check out Clancey's because I figured that would be the case. I bought two ducks from Hackenmueller's for $26. Whacked them in half after roasting. Fun presentation. Fun for four hungry women to pick at duck carcasses, chat, laugh and drink vino. Hard to imagine there would have been much of a difference worth $54.

                                    [But I do miss having a line on wild ducks. Those are ducks of a different feather and outrageously good, even if you have to pick around the buckshot.]

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                                      We'll go to the St. Paul farmers' market next summer and chase us down a duck-grower!

                          2. If you are near Hudson WI RJ's meats has some great short ribs. i got some a few weeks ago and I was very pleased that they had actual meat on them. RIght between exits 1 & 2 on the north side of 94. Next to Taco Johns.