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May 24, 2010 11:14 AM

Best of the Hamptons?

Dear Hamptons Foodies,

We need your help. We are going to a friend's in East Hampton for the upcoming weekend. We desperately need your favorite current restaurant picks for 4 adults on Saturday and Sunday night.

American, Asian, Italian etc.

We have been to the Laundry (now closed?), Nick & Toni's (over rated) the Palm (yawn) and many of the other alleged hot spots. Most are over priced and underwhelming sad to say.

Anyone care to share your real hot spots with us so that we dont end up eating bad Chinese food at Phillipe Chow's for $200 per person?

Are there any great restaurants in the Hamptons (East, Sag Harbor, Bridge etc) these days ??

All help will be greatly appreciated.

Nick & Toni's
136 North Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937

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  1. You know, I actually did have to think for a minute!

    I'm thinking Sag Harbor: Blue Sky is getting lots of talk, I'd love to try it. But I'd probably stick with Il Cappucino to be sure. My boss ate at Beacon last year and can't stop raving about it.

    For me, in Bridgehampton I usually go to World Pie and Easthampton usually Turtle Crossing. The food is fine, and as you say, not $200 per person no matter what you order.

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      fwiw, after being in sag harbor for the last 15 years (sheesh) i haven't found a single restaurant that i miss whenever i'm not there.

      the area is very satisfied, almost smug, about itself. so the restaurant scene is indifferent for the locals and is about being seen otherwise.

      i know this isn't helpful, but the area's truly glory is in institutions like iaconos farms, where you can get freshly laid eggs (say that very day), immediately slaughtered chickens etc. no pretension - grandma up front collects your money while son cleans the chickens for you just behind.

      1. re: howler

        I had to spend a couple of days in Sag Harbor this week, and ended up eating lunch at Conca de Oro, whose pizza wasn't as great as I was led to believe. I am really picky about my pizza though, not saying it was bad. I first checked out Blue Skies, a weird menu with ridiculous prices ($25 up for lunch pasta plates), then looked at Tutto Il Giorno, same deal although the staff seemed friendlier. The one place I'm always happy to frequent is Cavaniola Cheese, you can't go wrong although again, NYC prices. Right across from there, I wandered into Murf's Tavern out of curiosity. Very cool 1700s architecture, too bad not a soul showed their face for the 15 minutes I was checking it all out. Maybe I was supposed to help myself and leave an IOU? But it was more like what I imagine Sag Harbor, old fashioned and sort of funky. Not what it's become in recent years, you're right howler. Even the little Italian ice I got by the corner was I think $9? It was good but.......

        Across the street from Iacono, don't forget the farm co-op stand, they are the kind of establishment that should be encouraged. Otherwise I still stand by my recommendation of Il Capucino.

    2. A local favorite is Rawdy Hall in East Hampton. It's down the alley by the movie theater.
      The Laundry is now on the main highway in Amagansette in the old Farm House just dow the street from the Turtle Crossing.

      Turtle Crossing
      221 Pantigo Rd, East Hampton, NY 11937

      Farm House Restaurant
      2 Central Plz, Ilion, NY 13357

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      1. re: Charlie B

        The Laundry is out of business.......Rowdy Hall is OK if you want burgers or fish and chips.

      2. Stone Creek Inn, in Quogue
        La Parmiagina in Southampton
        The 1770 House, East Hampton
        Coast Grill, Southampton

        1770 House
        143 Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937

        Stone Creek Inn
        451 Montauk Hwy, East Quogue, NY 11942

        Coast Grill
        1109 Noyack Rd, Southampton, NY 11968

        1. I second recommendations for World Pie (you can eat outside on the patio) and Rowdy Hall (had a memorable scallop dish there), but both are pretty casual. We also really like Suki Zuki for Japanese (I believe this is in Bridgehampton) and in Amagansett, we like the Meeting House. Also, I know it's pricey and crowded, but love Babette's in East Hampton for brunch.

          Rowdy Hall
          10 Main St Ste B, East Hampton, NY 11937

          World Pie
          2402 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932

          Meeting House
          4 Amagansett Sq, Amagansett, NY 11930