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May 24, 2010 10:48 AM

What's the consensus on Joe Peep's?

I was there once about 30 years ago. I remember the pizza weighed a ton, was expensive and slightly greasy(which is ok) and delicious. What's it like now?

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  1. Haven't tried Joe Peeps for a while. It was very inconsistent. When it was good it was very, very good. But when it was bad, you were in for a rough night.

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    1. re: farmertomato

      Thanks for the info. Maybe it depends on how busy they are at the time. It's worth another shot.

    2. i think they do a very solid thin crust version they call their blue collar. their regular pizza is quite heavy. i think it's one of the better thin crusts in the area.

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        Thanks, cdub. Is their list of ingredients about the same as all pizza places? I'm hoping they have clams like Micelli's Pizza has.

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          I agree that the "Blue Collar" thin crust pizza with one ot two toppings is the way to go at Joe Peep's.

          My first time at Jow Peep's, I had the Kitchen Sink Combo on Regular Crust -- very generous with toppings resulyed in a very soggy crust.

          1. re: Norm Man

            Absolutely agree.
            Note that you can also buy the raw dough, and sauce if you like, and take it home and make a really great pizza with whatever you desire (I like arugula and prosciutto after baking the pie). I recommend leaving the dough at room temp for about an hour prior to rolling it. Bake at 475 - 500 on a pizza stone or pizza pan for about 10-12 mins. You won't be disappointed.