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May 24, 2010 10:10 AM

looking for place to stop for a quick bite to eat off I-81 in Roanoke? +++

I am driving from NYC to Charlotte on Friday.

Stops I have in mind are:
Hagerstown, Md. - walk dog, fill up gas tank, rest room
Harrisonburg, Va. - Starbucks
Roanoke, Va. - light lunch (quick!)

I was wondering if there is some place around Roanoke that would be good to stop for a quick ("to go") healthy light lunch? I'm not a fan of Wendy's or McDonald's type of food (a bit too heavy for such a long drive)... but Panera or Moe's would be fine! Ideally I'd love something a bit more "local" and not a chain...but I'll make anything semi-healthy work.

The biggest priority is that it be quick & easy to find off I-81. I am a pro at getting myself lost (even with GPS), and sort of on a time limit, so I really don't want to stray far from 81!

Thanks so much!

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  1. try Mac N Bobs in Salem
    On 81, exit right after the Roanoke exit at the 2nd Salem exit. Right off the interstate on Main St. Big menu, locally owned and a Salem tradition. Not super quick like Panera, but would be worth it to stop there as it is a great local/non-chain place.

    Also right up the road is Macados, but I would recommend Bobs first.

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      I second Mac and Bobs- always eat there when I go to Roanoke.

    2. Wrong might want to repost on Mid Atlantic, which includes VA.