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May 24, 2010 09:35 AM

DHABA--Curry Hill Indian--plea for recommendations..

I've read the reviews (on the whole, not very encouraging) here in preparation for dinner with a small group.

Are there any stand-out dishes on the a la carte menu? Please chime in with your favorites (not buffet items) and with any dishes to avoid.

Do they actually have a tandoor? If not, can any of the tandoori dishes be recommended?

Many thanks!

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  1. i happen to like Dhaba a great deal.

    i've been a few times. their curries are tasty, but they street food/small plates/appetizers are where they shine. i've made full meals of these.

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    1. re: thew

      This is very good to know! Let me know if you (or others) have any specific dishes to recommend..

      1. re: erica

        some dishes i like (oh the delight of cut and paste):

        Fresh fenugreek leaves fritters

        Crunchy okra, red onions, lime, chaat masala, chili powder

        Fresh fenugreek leave

        Coconut, tomatoes, dry red chilies, malt vinegar

        SWEET CORN
        Dry red chilies, garlic, soy sauce

        there's more , but that's what popped in one pass on the menu

        here in my review on yelp, after my 1st visit:

    2. You're listening to the wrong people - Dhaba is very good. A few recommendations - the seekh kabob, chili chicken, Bhuna Lamb mirchwala, butter chicken, lamb vindaloo, methi chicken, the chicken kali mirch, and the batata sev puri.

      Everything I mentioned is from the a la carte menu - I *never* eat buffets. (How many poor reports of buffet menus at dozens of restaurants have you read about over the years? I don't care if it's cheap - I figure it's worth if to spend a little more and get fresh food rather than last night's reheated leftovers.)

      I haven't had any of the tandoori dishes but considering the overall level of the other dishes I'd expect them to be good as well. If there are dishes that appeal to you should just go ahead and order them.

      PS - The breads are great too.

      1. try the kadai goat. paneer kali mirchi. chili onion naan. I found the Bhuna Lamb mirchwala underwhelming

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          Love the paneer kali mirch. Probably order it 90% of the time i'm there.

          I also like the lamb or goat biryani but i haven't had it many other places so I couldn't tell you how good it is compared to other places but I like the dhaba rendition.

        2. Bhel puri and papri chaat are very good starters. Poori and parathas have mixed results, but naan is standard and fine. Goat rogan josh is good; biryanis are also deeply satisfying. Vindaloo was appropriately spicy, but full of flavor.

          1. This is one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Manhattan.