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Gourmet Food Trucks in NJ Yet?

I'm wondering if gourmet trucks have made it to NJ beyond the Hoboken/Jersey City area. It's such a great trend in cities. I know there is a cuban one in Montclair. Any others? Thanks!

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  1. I seem to recall reading about a few. However, this is the only one that comes to mind -
    Good Luck.

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      Details details. The website doesn't give any info on where they are located...

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        Isn't there a tab for location and hours on the right side of the page?

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          Some trucks don't (can't) park in the exact same location each day, but often post the info on their website once they're parked...

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            They give times and street names, but I can't tell if those streets are located in Atlantic City, Trenton or West Milford (or Los Angeles for that matter).

            Los Angeles Cafe
            4300 Bergenline Ave, Union City, NJ 07087

      2. I found the recent article from the Times. Here is the link -

        1. chowhaultruck.com is in Long Branch by Max's every now and then. I've only had a few things from them but everything's been delicious and the guy in the truck is really friendly. I wish they parked it by my house instead. :)

          1. The Cuban food truck that shows up in Montclair and Jersey City is "QBA Cuban Kitchen" . Check out their twitter page for info on where they are going to be. (http://twitter.com/qbacubankitchen). Baristanet did a review of QBA in March that may be helpful. http://www.baristanet.com/food/2010/0...

            1. Chow Haul was just written up on nj.com, they also mentioned QBA and the Taco Truck (Jersey City/Hoboken and Montclair)

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                  Chow Haul Truck is THE BEST thing going in Long Branch!
                  Finally, we have a place to get good cheap eats in Long Branch and its in the form of a great big Food Truck on Rt. 36!!
                  After reading about the food truck on this thread we were determined to seek out the Chow Haul truck and give it a try. Lets jsut say, it was everything we imagined and more.
                  We had the schnitzel sandwich, special pulled pork sandwich, the picadillo empanada, chicken empanada and the dessert empanada.
                  The schnitzel sandwhich was out of this world, lightly breaded and fried to perfection with a sweet crusty coating with outstanding homade chipolte mayo. Pulled pork was also outstanding, tender melt in your mouth pork on a soft roll. Nothing fancy, no frills just pulled pork at its finest.
                  Although we couldve stopped there we needed to try the empanadas, since we had the pulled pork in the sandwich we decided on the Picadillo and the Chicken empanadas. The pastry was crispy and delicate, not to heavy at all and was the perfect casing for the delicious fillings inside. The picadillo was the winner over the chicken but just by a hair!
                  What makes this place even better is Paul, the owner/operator. He was extremely warm, hospitable and genuine. It felt like you were sitting down at his kitchen table to have some home cooked food.
                  We are so happy that the gourmet food trucks have made its way down to LB. We will be frequenting Chow Haul often. The best way to locate where the truck is to follow the truck on Twitter or give him a call. Run don't walk to Chow Haul!!
                  Happy Chowing!!

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                    Has anyone tried the soul food truck that has been parked on Mulberry St. in Newark (right across from Gateway and next to the Pru) recently? I have wanted to take the plunge but have not been able to.

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                      Funny, I logged on to report on what I think is the same truck! It's called Taqueria Authentica, and while it's in Newark M-F, they're at the Montclair Farmer's Market on Walnut Street on Saturdays this year. Their sign said they're on Mulberry across from Gateway, so I'm assuming it's the same people.

                      FIrst of all, I grinned when I saw the giant sprig of cilantro on the front right quarter of the truck...I took that as a good sign.

                      I was there as they got really busy (4-5 orders ahead of me), but that market gets a big turnout each week, and it just opened for the season today. SO--knowing that it was their first day there, I'm cutting them some slack on the wait time, which stretched to 25 mins. They have a sign that says something to the effect of "Please be patient...food is cooked to order," but I think it's hard to realize that patience is going to equal that long a wait. My ONE suggestion to them is to take orders and tell people to come back in 15-20 mins--because when you're standing there waiting PATIENTLY and one royal biyatch starts a tirade, it's just not good for the group. Enough said? :-)

                      The food: VERY tasty, imo. I had 2 tacos, one with carnitas, the other carne asada. The pork was a bit dry, but still flavorful, but the carne asada was WONDERFUL; great rub on it, med rare, and it left me wishing I had ordered another. Both were served with a piece of lime, which of course, was the right move! I did tell them it was worth the wait--but next time I'll know to shop the market instead of standing there.

                      They have Jarritos and Izze sodas, and Mexican Coke, which I thought really showed their attention to the details. Their website is www.taqueriaautentica.com and appears to be under construction, but there's a link on it to their FB page as well.

                      ETA: A sign said that next Sat (6/12) they're only serving breakfast--no lunch; that will resume the following week. Breakfast tacos, perhaps?!?

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                        Thanks Curlz. I have seen that truck also parked in the same spot, good to know that there is a nice option available. The soul food truck is red, the name on the side is escaping me at the moment. If I see it this week when I am in the area, I will give it a shot.

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                          Tanqueria Autentica is a great draw at the Montclair Farmers Market. The drawback is that...they are a great draw..... At lunch time the lines can be prohibitive. So either go for breakfast, or wait until just before closing!

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                      "Chow Haul Truck is headed to it's new home in Houston Texas. It was a pleasure serving the Monmouth County area. Thank you all!"

                      This is what it said on their site?

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                        Sorry I missed it:( Come back soon!

                  2. Doesn't the Rutgers New Brunswick campus have several food trucks?

                    1. The Two Pitas in a Pod truck in Hoboken is amazing. They sell various middle eastern delights, specializing in falafels. I have it at least once a week. Their falafels rival the best ones I've had in Manhattan (Taim, Mahmoud's, etc.). I highly recommend it to any Chowhounder's in the Hoboken area.

                      1. Keep an eye out for the Cinnamon Snail which returns in Feb/March
                        For locations:

                        Deliciously fresh and certainly not just for vegans.

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                          Except for the TACO truck in Shenandoah Park Lakewood NJ ... I have never seen a Food truck anywhere around the Toms River Area, only a few old time hot dog wagons?......
                          I hope I'm wrong..... anyone?
                          there's not much down here for gastronomic adventures.. :(

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                            And the weather in NJ can hamper ones ability 365 days a year.

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                              I will second that, Two Pitas in a Pod truck,check them out in the streets of Hoboken and on Facebook for there daily food stops.

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                                The weather is pretty rainy in Portland, OR, but they have the largest # of Food Trucks in the US!

                                1. re: menton1

                                  hey menton1, if that's true (I unfortunately haven't enjoyed enough of Portland) I'm jealous!

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    Greater Portland has over 400 food trucks! Over 80 are "downtown". (This is a small city!)


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                                      Thanks for the read, I'll give it a good look thru later tonight. Lucky Greater Portland.

                                      1. re: HillJ

                                        Well, you have to put up with a lot of rain. Something like the UK.

                                        1. re: menton1

                                          Isn't it a testament to deliciousness tho (even in the rain).

                                        2. re: HillJ

                                          Just back from a Portland trip. I posted a review on the metro portland board.

                                          1. re: seal

                                            All in all, a nice couple of days of eating that left me wanting more.
                                            seal, what ground you covered in such a short period of time. You really hit some amazing food truck stops. Sandwich heaven. Good on you.

                                    2. re: menton1

                                      When was the last time Portland had 20, 30 inches of snow? Ice storms?

                              2. Yes they are branching out across the New Jersey State. Nationwide Auto Group.com custom makes them.

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                                  The Cinnamon Snail foodtruck is back @ the Galleria in Red Bank. Visit their site for times and more info on the Hoboken location as well.

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                                    Stopped by this past Sunday after a charity walk @ Mon Univ. Glad to have The Cinnamon Snail back at the Galleria. I read about the new locations they are enjoying in Brooklyn, and thought we might have lost their delicious food!

                                2. The NYT had an article about food trucks that also have brick and mortar locations--including QBA and The Taco Truck... http://tinyurl.com/3wczdq2

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                                    Thanks. That article is helpful in suggesting why the food truck fad has not taken hold in New Jersey. Given the continued availability of reasonably-priced, commercial real property, I don't see much reason for too many trucks or a lot of likelihood for their success.

                                    1. re: MGZ

                                      Here's an article from last summer's NJ Monthly


                                      Food trucks need food traffic to survive. But there are some people doing creative things.

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                                        Bank in New Jersey are approving loans to buy catering food trucks to those that quality. It is a no brainer if you have a good business plan. These trucks drawn people. If you have a great product I don't think they mind paying a little more for the convince and enjoyment of good eating.

                                        www.cateringfoodtruck.com is drawling allot of traffic and people from all across NJ are targeting the site for requests.

                                        1. re: janeswapit

                                          Of course it’s a no brainer for a bank to authorize an auto loan over a mortgage or an unsecured business loan. The business owner bears much greater risk and the bank has much more favorable remedies. In light of this fact, and as the article I commented upon implies, many of the food truck owners aspire to brick and mortar and see the truck as a vehicle to get there. Nevertheless, given the availability of reasonably priced, commercial real property and New Jersey’s liberal BYOB laws, skipping the truck step is a very viable, and perhaps more prudent, route to take.

                                  2. I am hearing at Catering Food Truck.com that Toms River NJ is pulling in some action

                                    1. I agree hoboken is great to have this, I think its a little tight, however next to the train station would be great! hoboken! i belive if the lunch truck owners should do it right.... happy hunting ...

                                      1. Need a Breakfast truck for an early morning holiday breakfast for 50 at a depot starting around midnight till 700am in south plainfield nj area