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May 24, 2010 08:37 AM

Zest Bistro on Capitol Hill - Any Opinions?

Any opinions out there regarding Zest Bistro on Capitol Hill at 735 8th Street, SE Washington, DC?

Has anyone had brunch there? Good, bad, indifferent?

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  1. We've only been once, and it was when it first opened, so i'm reserving judgement. However, while the service was friendly and attentive, the food when we went was mediocre at best. Some things - sauteed spinich for example - tasted like frozen-meal-in-a-box, while others (the porkchop) were relatively nicely seasoned and prepared. I'd try it again, but there are so many other good places to eat on 8th......

    1. I have dined at Zest Bistro twice. I had the same item (olive oil poached fish with couscous and red pepper sauce). It was phenomenal the first time and just ok the second. During my second meal my husband had the lamb sandwich, which was so declicious I kept trying to steal it off his plate. Unfortunately, the service was horrible the first time, with an outrageously rude waitress. Second time the waiter gave me the wrong drink twice (it was just a vodka tonic!). The first time I sent back, and the second time I just gave up.

      1. I went for lunch a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. I had an amazing lamb sandwich. I would love to go back for dinner or brunch but I'm not in that neighborhood that often (of course I worked next door to Zest for 5+ years when it was a law office and then empty for the longest time.).

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          I've been twice. Good, friendly service both times. I enjoyed the trio of spreads for an appetizer for the table. My mom loved the lamb shank.

        2. I went for lunch and ordered the braised lamb shank. Really tender and flavorful. Service was attentive but not intrusive. I've heard the brunch gets crowded, but that's true of pretty much every brunch place. I'd say go with the lamb, braised or sandwich, and you won't be disappointed.

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            Just so you know what to expect of this amazing lamb sandwich, it is ground lamb...not slices of lamb like I expected. I got over that real fast though when I took my first bite and discovered a juicy, well-seasoned sandwich.

            It sounds like these guys are really good with the lamb. Any other items?

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              I finally got there this past weekend. I too had the lamb sandwich and it was yummy. My boyfriend had the eggs benedict which he said were just ok. The place was totally empty for brunch on a Sunday save 2 other tables. Our service was nice but honestly the place felt a little antiseptic to me. I agree with schotcheroo - there are just too many other better places to go.

          2. Thanks very much for all your replies!