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May 24, 2010 08:32 AM

Madrid Restaurant Decision

La Terraza del Casino or Zalacain? I need to make a decision based on the total quality of the dining experience. Thoughts?

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  1. Have dined at both.

    Zalacain the food is very good as was the service and the wine list. We requested the non-smoking section which alas was not as nice <and too much light> as the area allowed for smoking which I found more elegant. It looked to me as if the non-smoking section was an afterthought.

    We've been to La Terraza on at least 4 occassions, the food is excellent the service impeccable and a wonderful wine list with a very knowledgeable sommalier.

    The interior restaurant is fine but if you're lucky to go when the dining is on the terrace and have good weather you will be in for a spectacular evening. They have live music, the singer having a wonderful voice and singing style. And the statues in the upper buildings like lit up jewels giving great view. Impressive.

    For the total quality of the dining experience I would pick La Terraza del Casino.

    1. ZalacaĆ­n is stiff, jacket and tie required. No doubt, La Terraza del Casino.

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        That brought to mind spouse saying the waiters at Zalacain looked like vampires.

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          I agree about La Terraza being the better choice, however do note that jacket is required. Although several years ago on my first visit for lunch they gave me one to wear when I was unaware. Also, do not be afraid to discuss allergies or other issues when you order the tasting menu. I have dined in the restaurant dozens of times with all sorts of people's needs and have never had a problem getting a great tasting menu for each of them

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            Hey, you wore the same jacket I did @ the casino!

        2. Depends on your food preferences.
          If you're more into Daniel - then Zalacain.
          If you're into wd-50 (or the Modern - which I think you are) then La Terraza is by far the better choice.