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May 24, 2010 08:17 AM

Casual near Beaver Creek?

Hey there. I am spending just one night at the Park Hyatt and looking for some decent yet cheap eats near there. We will be doing a couple of nice Denver dinners so I need something to balance out Borolo Grill one night. So, laid back bar bites? Cheap deals, anything in terms of ideas along those lines would be great!

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  1. Check out Dish, down the hill from Beaver Creek in Edwards. Imaginative, delicious small plates. Just heard yesterday that they have a 35% off special going right now. Check out the Vail Daily for other specials throughout the area. Now is one of the slow times when all (well, most) of the restos run specials.

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      Thanks! Good suggestion, but I am thinking we are going to want to stay really close to our hotel. We will be exploring and doing outdoorsey stuff all day and want to get some good grub in grubby clothes...

      1. re: Chargenda

        Casual and convenient at the Beav (notice I didn't say good), Blue Moose Pizza, Coyote Cafe and Dusty Boot (really good collection of draft beers and a great picture of the Magnificent Seven). Down the hill in Avon, good food, casual, Ticinos (pizza & pasta and you need directions) and Blue Plate in the Christy Lodge.

        1. re: BlueOx

          Good stuff. Thanks! It might not even have to be that good! Just close will do, and probably better than what the Park Hyatt has to offer, from what I have heard.