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Millenium Park Foodie Musts!!

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We're staying near the park and need to hit all of THE places to go within walking distance. Where are the must trys? Any type of cuisine! Pizza, hot dogs, etc?? Baby friendly would be a plus as well.

So we're hitting up the park, mag mile, etc??

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Pizza: Pizano's on Washington and Michigan. Try and pre-order since you have a baby to avoid the long wait. Well worth it!

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      Pizano's is a great recommendation for deep-dish pizza but it's actually on Madison, near Michigan. www.pizanoschicago.com

      Garrett's Popcorn is a must try, for their caramel popcorn (with or without nuts), cheese popcorn, and a mixture of the two. There's one on the Mag Mile and several others in the Loop. www.garrettpopcorn.com

      Also near Millennium Park, just across the river to the north, is Fox & Obel, our premier gourmet food store. They have the best of everything - not only meats, fish, cheeses, etc, but portable items liked baked goods and pastries, including their amazing cinnamon swirl rolls. In the rear is a cafe where you can get anything from a cup of coffee to a complete meal prepared to order. www.fox-obel.com

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        Ack! Yes - Madison. I had Washington on the brain.

    2. The Gage is a must. Kid-friendly and right across from the park. Great gastropub.