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May 24, 2010 05:26 AM

Vegan pairing for Merlot (Three Rivers)

Hey Y'all,

This is similar to a May 20 posting for a Cab veg pairing request, but I am looking for both no meat and no dairy to pair with a Three Rivers Merlot that is supposed to have notes of chocolate on it.

I Googled Merlot pairings and came up with a few recipes that I wasn't actually convinced would go well with it (red beans and rice, with celery and bell peppers, e.g.).

One thing: if there is some amazing chicken or meat recipe, I can potentially substitute seitan for it, so it's not actually off the cards.

At the moment, the only things I've come up with that I'm considering are
1. African Curry, with coconut milk and curry powder
2. the Red Beans and Rice

Any other suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. if you live near a trader joe's, in the freezer case they sell bags of frozen precooked vegan meatless meatballs that are pretty darn good. you can just nuke them to thaw.
    make a terrific garliky vegan red sauce,
    serve over pasta (barilla's pasta is vegan but made on equiptment that has touched egg, so don't know if that will be 'pure' enough. barilla also makes a pasta they call 'barilla plus' which is made with legume flour in addition to wheat flour and if your vegan is health conscious, that might have some appeal).

    another idea is a hearty italien soup made with beans, vegetables, and pasta (there are many varieties that would work).

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      Thanks! I am not strict at all (in fact, not even vegan, just don't eat dairy and will be cooking on Sunday for a friend who doesn't eat meat). So this is def a possibility. And luckily, I live near TJs! : )