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May 23, 2010 10:26 PM

New Taco Stand in Kensington!

Right in front of Walgreens (RIP Silver Rod) on Church at McDonald. Run by a very friendly, English speaking couple. They say they're open Tuesday - Sunday, 2 - 9pm.

I had a chorizo taco, and a cecina taco, $2 each. Both not the best I ever had but generally moist, and just really good. I overheard after the fact that they have lengua, though it's not listed as a choice. They do not have cabeza. But I can't be blamed for asking! Tortillas were nicely grilled, plenty of onion and cilantro, with lime and cucumber on the side. Tasty red and green salsa on hand.

Brought home three good tamales too ($1.25 each), rojo pollo, mole pollo and dulce for desert! Shared with my wife. We both thought they were way tastier and more moist than some of those coming out of local stores.

I look forward to tearing through the surprisingly extensive menu including tortas, huaraches and tostadas. It's certainly a great addition to the neighborhood. If you find yourself anywhere near here I implore you to give it a try. I believe they deserve to be around for a while!

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  1. thanks for this post, I'll be sure to check it out.
    Do you know anything else about the Mexican scene in that part of Brooklyn? Which restaurants are good, etc? Also, have you seen those taco carts on Church by the soccer fields in the park? I am curious about those, keep meaning to check them out.

    1. Agree with the OP here...a bonus for the neighborhood!

      Yes, indeed I ordered and received a taco con lengua - nicely grilled and chopped with all the trimmings on a double tortilla.

      Equally engaging was the tamale con salsa verde, properly leaf-wrapped and teeming with dark meat chicken.

      Beverages at the base of the cart are Mexican Coke, Jarritos and other good stuff. The price is right and will re-visit for sure.