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May 23, 2010 10:25 PM

Fuji Japanese Buffet [Madison Heights, MI]

I want to try this place but I want to know if this place is great and worth the drive out to Madison Heights (live in downtown Lansing). Plus what's great and not so great there. Any suggestions would be appreciated = D

Fuji Japanese Buffet
32153 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. No one? Oh well...Enjoy the Silence.

      It's just a question of time before someone gets the balance right.

      But before you get behind the wheel and get a fly on the windshield I have to ask one question. Don't worry it is a question of trust. What is making you drive all the way from Lansing for a Buffet? Just something to do?

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        Lol very clever and finally someone gets it haha. Well I heard some people mention this place but heard conflicting reviews. Some great and some eh... I head out to the Detroit area once every few months b/c my hubby is obsessed with the Tigers and Red Wings lol. All you can eat sushi and other assorted goodies sounds great to me. So people let me know if it's good or not = D

        1. re: Msviolatordm

          Next time you can answer in New Order or Joy Division speak to me....

          1. re: JanPrimus

            All Day Long I've waited for a reply. Confusion no more and will give this place a try. Driving 60 miles an hour and I will be there in no time. I won't be Shellshocked by the price. Hope my old car will make the trip and pray I won't need a new Transmission. Will the food be orgasmic and lead to Temptation. Will I pig out like Homer and cause the staff to scream "She's Lost Control." With some restrain I won't be a Young Offender.

            1. re: Msviolatordm

              I've been to Fuji at least a dozen times and its one of my favorite asian buffets. Unlike other buffets, Fuji offers more than the deep fried and sauced proteins that I see in most buffets.

              Fuji has a steam table offering 8-12 different dim sum style dishes. The shrimp and chive dumplings, beef stew and tripe (even though its a bit chewy) are my favorites.

              They also offer a variety of seafoods- shrimp tempura, crab legs, this massive deep fried fish with amazing sauce, fried mackerel, crab claws, clams, crawfish, grilled squid etc...

              They have the meatlovers like me covered too. The Korean bulgogi, teriyaki beef ribs satisfy my protein itch. They have the usual stir fry dishes and occasionally even have little rolls of peking duck with hoisin sauce.

              As for the sushi, I'll usually have a piece or two. To me, buffet sushi can't compare to my fave sushi restaurants, regardless if its freshly made or not, so I usually just steer clear.

              Fuji also has bubble tea! Yum! They also offer Shabu shabu which is a sort of hot pot thing. It's a separate charge from the buffet and I've never tried it.

              Anyways thats my two cents. My first chowhound cents. I've been using this board as a resource for a while and figured I would start contributing. I hope you enjoy Fuji's MissV. If not, Pho Hang is just down the street.

              Pho Hang Restaurant
              30921 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

              1. re: toogah

                Yep definitely will have to go l when I head out that way. Sounds delicious = D

      2. A hound reported on this recently...really liked it. Haven't been, hope you'll post i/fwhen you go.

        1. We tried it over the winter. It wasn't bad at all, but we haven't been back, either. The only thing that made an impression were the chicken feet, because I hadn't tried them before and it never registered that they had bones in them (talk about a DUH! moment). Something else was really good, but not good enough to remember what. I think it involved pork, maybe a dumpling.

          I did not eat the sushi- I avoid raw foods of all kinds (even salads) from AYCE buffets.

          1. Yeah , gotta go ahead and give a full thumbs up to this place . Like any buffet , it's best to get there early ( 11:45 on a Saturday is best ) . If you go to a buffet at 2:30 in the afternoon , don't expect to have the best food experience . Go when it's fresh . I went there about three weeks ago for weekend lunch and had simply the best crawfish I have ever had . And I am a veteran New Orleans doer . Totally worth it , huge asian clientele , I have a Fuju Buffet frequent diner discount card , mmm , steamed tripe ...

            Fuji Japanese Buffet
            32153 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

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            1. re: GoalieJeff

              I was there once and can't say I was overly impressed. I think I paid around $16.00 a person and the price was quite a bit higher for "all you can eat" sushi - I'm not even sure you can get all you can eat sushi there - at least not any serious variety - although they did put out some Nori Rolls. The dim sum was actually pretty good and they had some interesting fish but overall I was dissapointed in the place - especially the price. I've had many cheaper meals that were far better.