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May 23, 2010 08:24 PM

Dim sum in Vancouver Chinatown

Need to do some shopping in Chinatown next weekend and wondering about dim sum places there. Like most local posters, we mostly frequent other areas of town but wonder if places like Floata etc are any good (or should we do our shopping and head elsewhere?)

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  1. Floata is reliable and reputable, you can't go wrong. It's one place that, even when fully packed, I don't feel agoraphobic in, prolly due to the massive room and ballroom ceiling. However given the size of the room, you do have to keep a sharp eye out for the push carts as they scoot around fast.

    But you may have to wait in line. It's really the ONLY dim sum house in Chinatown nowadays.

    There's also Garden Villa on at 127 E. Pender but it's way smaller than Floata.

    Both offer push carts, BTW :-D

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      Sometime poster Cheap Appetite has this report on a place in Chinatown that sounds pretty good (no carts though):

      1. re: LotusRapper

        I still like push carts; old fashioned I guess.

      2. i've heard good of Jade Dynasty, not top quality but great value but also no catrs

        Jade Dynasty Restaurant
        137 Pender St E, Vancouver, BC V6A1T6, CA